"Drive" won't fit in a bay?

  Sapins 20:28 11 Dec 2004

I have bought a control unit for some fans and lights and it is too wide by 2mm for a normal bay, such as that used for a DVD Rom drive. I want to put it in a perspex case and my other drives have gone in easily, this unit will not even fit in my old metal case. It slides in until it meets the small rebates at the side of the slot and it is obvious it will not go in flush with the front of the case/s. The slots on both cases are exactly 146mm, the unit is 148mm!

Has anyone come across this before?

I spoke to the supplier today who had never come across this problem before, they will give me a refund but I want to finish the case with one of these units.

  Spark6 21:06 11 Dec 2004

I have checked the slots, and slot blanks, on both my units, and they measure 148mm. Measurements taken with units in situ.

One of the CD/RW units measures 147mm.

If it is not possible to 'ease' the slot, or reduce the size of the fan controller, you will have to compromise somehow.

Best of luck

  Sapins 21:21 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for your reply Spark6,

It isn't possible to ease the slot as the Drives holder is plastic and the unit is metal so no way to reduce that:-)

I'll have to send it back and ask them to check another one!

  ulrich 21:40 11 Dec 2004

Which controller into which PC?

The PC is sapin's own custom built into a clear perspex case.

As to the controller i am not too sure...

  Sapins 22:48 11 Dec 2004


The controller is a PWM Fan Controller FC-525PW, Noise Isolater, hope this helps.

  Totally-braindead 23:01 11 Dec 2004

Read this click here down at the bottom theres a mention of a guy trying to fit it in an acrylic case and having to really flex it to fit and he mentions its meant to be for Lian Li also mentions it won't fit in a standard case. If you really want to use this then you'll either have to flex it enough to try to jam it in or cut the case by the sounds of it.

  Sapins 09:49 12 Dec 2004


I have just taken a series of photos to show the problem and you come up with the exact unit describing the problem fitting it to an acrylic case, brilliant:-)

As it says in the article nowhere does it mention it is not suitable for an acrylic case so when I send it back I will give them the link you have provided and get either a refund or one that will fit my case. There is no way you can flex the case I have without a very great danger of cracking it, the case, not the problem;-)

Thank you very much for your help and also to Spark6, ulrich, and you Pilchy as well.



If you are looking for a nice reohbus fan controller then look at the Sunbeam Tech that controls upto for fan's. I got given one by a friend and found it very good at keeping my Server cooler...

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