Drive not recognised

  KAI 15:11 02 Dec 2005

hi, I have for the last 3 years been running ECCD creator6 Platinum, Last year I got a DVD/RW for Christmas, I left the ECCD software on even though the drive came with Nero burning.
Every thing worked fine but a couple of months ago I decided to give the Nero Software a go, I'd heard a lot about it in magazines and from my son.
The Nero worked ok but after a couple of months decided I wasnt keen on it,I removed it and installed my Roxio software back on but the drive was not recognized by Creator Classic and Copy disc, I tried drag to disc and it worked fine, I reinstaled it a few times and at first it recognized it untill I put the first update on, the Engine update.
I even took the Computer back to day one, it still did the same thing, the only thing I've done is update the Firware for the drive, would this have affected the software hence it not recognizing the drive ?
I put Nero back on and it works fine.
Could any one tell me if there is any cure for my problem or Am i stuck with Nero.

  ventanas 15:58 02 Dec 2005

There is an update availablestill for V6 which when I got it some time ago included additional drivers for drives that weren't recognised by the original program click here You can give it a try.

  ventanas 16:05 02 Dec 2005

I should have pointed out, make sure you read the notes with each download. The Engine HAS to go one first.

  KAI 18:42 02 Dec 2005

Hi thanks for that but its when I install the updates that the problem occurs, I install the first update I.E. the engine and thats when the drive is not recognized,before that when first installed when you open creator classic the drive is there.
After installing the update it will not show it.
The only thing that has been changed is the Firmware has been updated.


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