Drive not formatted, but it was.

  slowhand_1000 23:13 20 Apr 2004

A friend has the following problem.

He bought a Median 160gb (Seagate) external hard drive from Aldi a while ago. He has been using the drive to successfully transfer data between pc’s since he bought it.

This morning he connected the drive to another pc to transfer some graphics and got the error message ‘Drive not formatted, do you wish to format’ He connected the drive back to the original pc and got the same message.

The drive shows up in Device Manager and if he looks at the drive with Partition Magic it shows as 152gb, unformatted.

His OS is XP Pro.

  matt1234 07:22 21 Apr 2004

it sounds like your friend unpluged the drive when it was either transmitting or downloadin data so the hard drive becomes corrupt it may need formating

  slowhand_1000 10:01 21 Apr 2004

Thanks for the reply. I doubt he will know if that was the case but I shall mention it to him.



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