drive letters

  Jayne doe 11:39 16 Dec 2005

Hi guys. can you help me please. I have had a new computer. It is P4-3.6 gig. Win XP It has a DVD RW and a DVD player and a card reader. Plus 1 hard drive. Now the card reader is C,D,E,F, The DVDs are lettered G,H, and the hard drive is lettered I. Now all my previous computers have had C as the hard drives. Is there any way in which to alter how the Drives are lettered please? Thanks. Jayne.

  Smiler 11:45 16 Dec 2005

Click on start then "help and support". type "change drive letters" in the search box. In search results click on "Assign, change or remove drive letters"
Then click on "Using the windows interface" Follow the instructions given there.

  Jayne doe 12:42 16 Dec 2005

Hi Smiler. Thanks for that but it wont let me do it as the I drive is my system drive. I can change the others that way but it wont let me assign another letter to the only hard drive with windows on.

  VoG II 12:47 16 Dec 2005

click here but note that changing the drive letter where Windows is installed is not supported. You could try but be aware that you could end up with a non-booting PC.

  Jayne doe 15:23 16 Dec 2005

Hi VoG
I know about that way of changing the drive letters thanks, its the drive letter for the main boot drive I want to change. I dont understand why its showing I. instead of C. I tel the shop and they said its because the drive is SATA and the DVDs are IDE. Im not sure if this is true though. If you go into Pc world and look on their display computers in My Computer, they have C as the main drive and they are SATA. When I went to install Norton it came up as ..can't find C drive. There must be system builders oput there who know why this is thanks. Jayne

  VoG II 15:33 16 Dec 2005

click here may help you.

  Jayne doe 00:54 17 Dec 2005

Hi VoG
someone else sent me that and I tried it....then windows would not boot. So as all the discs were provided with the computer I reinstalled windows completely and lo and behold I had the right drive letter. Now all I gotta do is put works back on etc. Thanks for help.
merry christmas and many of them. Jayne

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