Drive Letter

  john-231489 15:56 07 Sep 2005

Hi All

I have just had a fatal crash of my system and had to put in new hard disk. For some reason this has aquired the letter G. could someone tell me how to change it to C. my brain seems to have gone dead on this subject.

Many thanks

  Doire_Bhoy 16:01 07 Sep 2005

Right click on it and rename?

  john-231489 16:08 07 Sep 2005

Yes thats fine thanks but I want to change it C but because it is the boot drive it will not let me.

  Doire_Bhoy 16:10 07 Sep 2005

So whats on your C drive?

  john-231489 16:15 07 Sep 2005

C Drive is not shown at all.

  Doire_Bhoy 16:16 07 Sep 2005

Have you got TWO hard drives? Or one?

  Klof Ron 16:26 07 Sep 2005

I think some more information is required

What happened to make you install a new hard drive?

Did you reinstall the OS?

Did you accept the default location to install ie C:\Windows?

Which OS are you using?

What other drives have you and what are the drive letter assignments?

  john-231489 16:48 07 Sep 2005

Thanks for the quick response. The new hard drive was installed because I lost everything. (Even iespell) I tried to format it but after about 3 hours I was informed that the drive was faulty. I then installed this new one and it was probably my fault because I should have checked before continuing. I have drive D - Zip drive. Drive E - DVD rewriter. Drive F - DVD reader. Hope this helps because it is drivng me nuts

  Doire_Bhoy 16:56 07 Sep 2005

How have you installed them on your cables?

  Doire_Bhoy 16:56 07 Sep 2005

What does it say in the BIOS?

  dan11 16:59 07 Sep 2005

it sounds as if you still have the old "non" working hard drive in the machine.

If this is so, the easiest way is to disconnect the old hard drive, pull the power and IDE cable out. Also pull the power leads out of the zip, dvd reader and dvd writer. Boot the machine with just the new hard drive connected.

Windows should now allocate this as "C". Connect the zip, dvdrw and dvdr up one at a time in order of there drive letters. They should then be re-assigned to the right letter.

If the old hard drive is not present and connected. You will have to re-associate the drive letters via disk management.

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