drive install trouble

  citadel 21:38 31 May 2003

I have had trouble with my cd drive so I decided to add another drive to use, I installed a dv drive below the cd drive. I switched the cables from the cd drive to the dv drive as I no longer proposed to use the cd drive.
When I restarted the computer it reported boot disc failure. I did not know what to do so I reversed the process and plugged the cables back into the origenal cd drive. I restarted the computer and it booted but the red light that shows hard disc activity is now permently on and the cd drive drawer will not open.
Anyone know what I have done wrong.

  paperlad 02:28 01 Jun 2003

First- is your PC trying to boot from the CD (or DVD) drive? Check your BIOS settings
Second- have you set the jumper on your new drive to the same as the old one (master/slave)?
Third- have you plugged the ribbon in the right way round? The red, or marked wire goes to pin #1

  DieSse 02:39 01 Jun 2003

Have you put the power cable back correctly to the CD Drive?

  DieSse 02:42 01 Jun 2003

"I have had trouble with my cd drive"

What sort of trouble - maybe that's why you're getting problmes with it reconnected?

Does the hard drive and system work OK without a CD drive connected at all?

You're not swapping cables about with the power cable still plugged in are you? - There is power to the motherboard unless you switch off the mains or unplug the power cable - simply switching off at the front panel of the system is not enough.

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