drive image2002 MO device driver problem??

  lixdexik 21:41 16 Jan 2003
  lixdexik 21:41 16 Jan 2003

Hi... I have loaded drive image 2002 and tried to make an image file onto a seperate partition on one of my HDDs, in order to make the image the computer has to reboot into caldera dos in order to make the image.. after booting the screen mesage reads ..

MO device driver (atapi)version 1.84c

MO drive "25**" not found


driver not loaded.

dos version= 6; max sector size= 512ytes.

press any key.

after pressing any key, drive image opens and goes through the making image process....Has any body else had this problem? or is it a problem?.. I tried to make an image onto CD which went through the same thing as above, but when I went to try and restore the image I was informed that this was not a valid image file. I have tried to burn the cd version twice and both times I got the same result so I doubt the image I have created onto the HDD will be any better. any ideas what might be wrong?..

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Rtus 22:23 16 Jan 2003

Perhaps you loaded drivers you dont need during installation . Now its looking for the device..
The 3.5-inch Magneto-Optical (MO) drive is available with either a SCSI or ATAPI interface. Separate DOS device drivers are supplied for each interface type. The device driver supports the FAT (File Allocation Table) file system, read/write, and disk change status.
The SCSI device driver requires a SCSI host adapter card and its matching ASPI manager software. For more information, see the " List of ASPI Managers and Supported Adapters" on page 100 and your SCSI host adapter documentation.
The 3.5-inch Magneto-Optical disks are available in several capacities.
The volume format may be Super floppy, AT Hard disk, or NSR format. The driver automatically detects the volume format and assigns logical drive letters (such as D:). If no valid formats or partitions are detected, the device driver identifies the disk as unformatted. See the driver documentation supplied with the product for additional information about formatting MO may be better to start again when the screen appears for support drives choose untick any you havent got.

  Rtus 22:26 16 Jan 2003

for clarification theres reference to this the dim 2k2 manual..which the above is an extract of.

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