Drive Image/ Maxtor/ XP and me!

  Mike D 11:51 06 Feb 2004

Please help, I'm in a bit of a mess!

I run Windows XP home on a Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 120 Gb HDD. I have Drive Image 2002 and backed the drive up to a partition on the same drive.

I have now installed a second Maxtor drive (same spec as the first), set up using the Maxtor MaxBlast 3 software.

When I try to run Drive Image to back up to the new drive, everything seems to go well up to the point where the system needs to reboot. It starts ok and then starts to load the Caldera DOS thingy, then it stops with an error message stating that Disk Manager is installed on Drive 1 but is not runnning. If I am booting from a floppy (which I am not) I should hold down the space key. The only option is to press OK which boots the system normally with none of the Drive Image work completed.

If I try to remove the partially installed Drive Image partion by formatting the new drive it tells me that it cannot because of Disk manager.

I obviously want to hang onto all my data and the back up that I already have, but it looks as if I either stick with what I had and waste the new drive, or reformat and start again, with the subsequent data loss.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


  Cesar 12:03 06 Feb 2004

Insert your windows disc and run SFC /scannow this will repair any damaged files.

  Djohn 12:35 06 Feb 2004

Isn't drive image 2002 for win 9X and it should be drive image 7 for XP?

  Mike D 12:50 06 Feb 2004


You may be right, but it said it was OK for XP on the box.

If you are right, that could be part of trouble, I suppose.


  Edstow 12:54 06 Feb 2004

DI 2002 will work on XP but is far from ideal.

DI 7 is much easier to use and much more versatile - it doesn't have to go into (scary for some people) DOS - it works from Windows XP itself.

It is Friday afternoon and I will be soon having my weekly meeting and backing up all ten of my machines (info for those who remember me from the past). Just on my way out to get the cream cakes and wine.

  Edstow 12:56 06 Feb 2004

DI 7 is much quicker than previous versions as well.

  leo49 13:15 06 Feb 2004

Check in XP Component Services that Logical Disc Manager and Logical Disc Manager Admin are both set to "Automatic" and that Logical Disc Manager is started.

DI2002 is perfectly fine with XP - I use it in preference to DI7.

  Chegs ® 13:33 06 Feb 2004

I have used DI2002 and DI5 in NTFS on XP.I just created the "Rescue Floppies" and boot pc from those.The DI progs refuse to run in NTFS partitions(Not supported message)in windows,but the rescue floppys are as easy to use as the DI prog is,in windows.I used DI at the weekend to copy an IDE hdd to a RAID setup,replaced the SI3112 driver for Si3112r and it worked fine.PowerQuest are reported to have "lost the plot" with DI7,it isn't really any different to the previous versions(other than it needs a hefty .Net d/l)I have used DI7,the image it created wasn't usable(I guessed it was due to the running progs not getting fully imaged)reinstalling from it often produced errors from the various apps.Any image should be created with Windows not running(outside of the OS)the floppy method does this.The GUI from floppy install,is just the same as the DI app in windows,so no need for DOS command lines.I also use PM8 from floppy.Maxtor's PowerMax refuses to run on any of my systems,as I have NVidea cards,and after searching the net I finally found the info about PowerMax + NVidea not working together,as I kept getting "General Protection Fault...." error message.

This is just my experiences of DI and Maxtor software.

  Mike D 14:14 13 Feb 2004

After scouring various forums (fora?), I came to the conclusion that my problems were caused by the MaxBlast software, which is a derivative of the original Ontrack Disk manager software. I used the Maxtor diagnostic software to do a Quick Low Level format and then used Windows's own format and partioning features to set the disk up. After this Drive Image performed as I would have wished it had originally.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


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