Drive Image to External HD

  Litlun 21:42 19 Jun 2003

Is it possible to take a drive image to, and restore from, an external USB hard drive?

As Drive Image drops to DOS in order to do it's job I suspect the answer is no -- but there are some clever people on here.

Thanks L

  Litlun 21:44 19 Jun 2003

......should have said USB external drive.

  -pops- 21:50 19 Jun 2003

DriveImage won't do it but Acronis claims it will.


  zanwalk 23:16 19 Jun 2003

That's interesting -pops-, I will try it out over the weekend and let you know.

  wee eddie 23:21 19 Jun 2003

I hope it does or I shall have thrown a goodly load of dosh away.

  zanwalk 23:23 19 Jun 2003

And Drive Image 7 will, although I haven't tried it yet.

  jazzypop 23:36 19 Jun 2003

Acronis does - but it runs as a background task in Windows as well, which is the way that I use it. No need to shut down, reboot, wait for imaging to finish. Just launch the program, tell it which drive to image, carry on working while it does it's stuff.

  Litlun 01:22 20 Jun 2003

Thanks for this.

I've got Drive Image 2002 and it won't work with the external usb drive (Maxtor) which is unfortunate because that's why I bought the drive ... today. Tried to take an image of my C drive to it and DI reports can't find G drive. Looks like I didn't think the thing out properly. My own stupid fault really.

Looks like I've got to spend some more money then, on Acronis. Damn.

Aaaaah well !!!

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