Drive Image

  recap 13:48 29 Apr 2003

A question about Drive image, to an external USB2 20Gb HD:

When the Drive Image makes an image, it makes two files, one is a 'pqi Image File', which has the most KB in it, and the other is called an '002 file' and it has about a quarter of the KB of the larger file. It's extension name is 002 (i.e., 29april03.002).

When I copy the image file from Drive D to the external (F), do I need to copy both files to make it work if I would ever need to restore?

  david4637 16:04 29 Apr 2003

I have got DI4 and it only creates a pqi file, so I would also be interested in a reply, because although I create a new image when installing new S/W I have yet to restore a saved pqi.
What version of DI are you using? David

  leo49 16:11 29 Apr 2003

What are the actual sizes of these files? It sounds to me as if you've split the file.Look under options and see if the box is checked for splitting.


  recap 16:18 29 Apr 2003

Thanks leo49, I have found that I do need to copy both over as I have been told the smaller of the two is for the extension files.

Hope that helps you david4637?

  zanwalk 18:32 29 Apr 2003

Yes, if you use the option to split the file for burning to CD for instance, it will split the file into as many parts as it needs to and they will be numbered after the first one which is always 'pqi', 002, 003, etc.

  david4637 15:03 02 May 2003

I did not split my image into 650MB files, thats probably why I did not see two files. Thanks David

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