Drive Image 7 won't allow size limit for CD-Rs

  Danoh 04:59 24 Oct 2004

I've just installed Drive Image 7 and got it to backup drive images to a slave D: HDD.

However, when I try to run a backup to multiple CD-Rs, it should allow me to set a maximum media size (say 655Mb for CD-Rs) so that the single image backup can span across multiple CD-Rs.

This option is greyed out when I try to do a manual backup. When I select a scheduled job setup, there is not even an option to specify a CD-R/DVD-R drive let alone contraining to the size of the target backup media.

Any hints greatfully received.

  mark2 09:53 24 Oct 2004

Are you using the backup wizard, step 3 gives a choice, local file, network file or CDr/rw.

if it's a recent model CD/DVD-rw combo it may not be recognised as a recordable drive, thus the option would remain greyed out.

I had to purchase DI 2002 within 2mths of DI5 for a similar scenario.

  Danoh 10:58 24 Oct 2004

I really slow response from the web site for the list of compatible drives but I will try that again, with renewed focus, thanks to your advice!

  Danoh 15:01 24 Oct 2004

Got a response from the site click here for Gear software whose CD-burning code is used by Drive Image and my CD writer is included. But not sure if that is for a more recent Drive Image version rather than my version 7.

Seems a bit OTT to have to upgrade just so the product could work!

  Danoh 19:06 24 Oct 2004

Bump... to the top

  CurlyWhirly 19:12 24 Oct 2004

Have you tried updating Drive Image 7 with this patch which (according to Symantec) "provides resolutions to numerous problems with previous releases of Drive Image 7.0"?

click here

It is however over 50 mb in length so if you are on dial-up it could take hours!

  Rtus 20:34 24 Oct 2004

I dont Know if Im missreading your thread here , But here goes> using drive image to create an image of a hard drive, automatically spans media (cd'rs) generaly placing just over a gig on each 700/ 80min Cdr if you select the options menu you then set manual limits on the media its copying to. Also ..visit click here

Drive image 2k2 is avaiable there.. (& I wish Id know this last week cos I paid 3 times as much ..LOL)

  Rtus 20:45 24 Oct 2004

Opps yep I miss read it .My aplogies. for that.. youve created an image onto HD & now want to burn that image to CDr media.When creating the image select the options then ,not after the image has been made...however the easy way is to create the image directly to CDRW drive.having said that the question of the drive being supported (allready looked at by yourself in earlier thread) may I ask did you create the rescue disks ? . I have a dvd drive here thats not supported under Dim 2k2 in the windows direct mode . however it functions exceptionally well in the Dos (rescue disc)mode.

  emmandelo1 22:56 24 Oct 2004


  Danoh 09:43 25 Oct 2004

CurlyWhirly ~ Thanks! I did not find that upgrade and will try it later.

Rtus. This is my first go at the product. First I wanted to check out that I can get an image copied to a 2nd HDD and also try out the auto-schedule aspect which you can limit the number of generations (so as not to bust your HDD free space! :). That was successful.

Then I tried doing a direct image backup to CD-R (not RW and I don't have a DVD writer). Thats when I had problems. I can't see any obvious way to use DriveImage to select a specific folder rather than an entire drive to backup.

I also have Nero 5 but can't see the options to set it to write across multiple CD-Rs.

I'm looking for a 1 step process, failing which 2 at most, where I can recover from a HDD failure, ideally from removeable CD-R media.

All your input are very much appreciated ~ please keep them coming.

  Danoh 11:43 25 Oct 2004

Downloaded and installed the update from 7.0x to 7.0.2 but the option to limit size to span CD-Rs remains greyed out.

Tried to contact Symantec but its a chargeable tech support phone call (!). That pushes me towards getting a refund instead.

But hopefully some kind soul in this forum has experience of using Drive Image 7 to copy HDD image to multiple CD-Rs could step in and help me achieve this instead.

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