Drive Image 7 on W2K Pro - advantages?

  Micken 22:43 18 Apr 2004

I have had a look on the Symantec site at Drive Image 7 with a view to using it on Windows 2000 Pro. Could any of you who use it please tell me of the main advantages of this package over the Backup feature in System Tools?


  Diodorus Siculus 00:07 19 Apr 2004

Its primary advantage is that it creates an exact image of your hdd as it is at any single point in time; these can then be saved onto CDs. Similarily, you can have a number of these - eg with a fresh install, with all updates, before installing a new program and so on.

  temp003 02:33 19 Apr 2004

W2k's Backup operates when Windows is being used. This has its own limitations in backing up the registry and files in use. Although it gives you an option to back up the "System State" and create an emergency repair disk, their use is clumsy and frankly not really up to the job.

Also, to restore, you need to be inside a running copy of w2k first. Not very useful if your hard drive has failed or you can't get into Windows in the first place.

As Diodorus says, Drive Image and other imaging/ghosting software creates an image, including the registry, which can be restored when you can't get into Windows, or can be restored to another hard disk. To do that, it will have to image the OS partition from DOS (when Windows is not running). In DOS, it's slower.

My own compromise is to install another copy of w2k in another partition (or hard disk) and have a dual boot. Then I can boot into the 2nd copy and use MS Backup to back up the entire C drive. This means that (1) the registry and Windows files on C are not in use at all, and they can be copied at will (2) No need to bother about System State and so on, as the registry is inside the C:\WINNT folder anyway (3) You are still doing it within Windows (but another copy), so it's pretty fast (4) In imaging the C drive, MS Backup excludes certain files such as temp files and page file, which are not needed in any backup - but I'm pretty sure this option is availabe in other imaging software too. Used this way, MS Backup is rather neat.

If something happens to the main copy of w2k, I just boot into 2nd copy and restore C.

This doesn't take care of the situation where hard drive fails, but there are still ways round it. For my own needs, this is sufficient.

But Drive Image is a good program and worth the investment.

  Micken 17:04 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for your responses, I have an old copy of Norton Ghost so one of my options would be to upgrade that.

temp003 I like the way you have set up your system, very informative.

At some point I will have to make a decision.

I will leave this thread posted tonight to see if there are any more comments.

Thanks once again.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:31 19 Apr 2004

How old is your copy of Ghost? It needs not be very recent to work ok with Win2k.

Have a look at this site for info re. backups:

click here

  Micken 20:00 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for that latest info. I will read through the site. My copy of Ghost is 2001 so I guess it's still upgradable.

  Micken 22:04 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for that link. I have read through the relevant info and various related links. It's made me really think about what I want from my system and how best to look after it.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:08 19 Apr 2004

You are very welcome; I find it an excellent resource, as is Fred's twice-weekly newsletter and the premium version is even more valuable.

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