Drive Image 7 & SATA Drives

  Danoh 22:25 06 Feb 2005

I have used Drive Image 7 to create Backup Images on a SATA hard drives partitions. However, when I try to use the CD to do recovery by booting from it, I can not see any of the drives nor partitions on the SATA hard drive.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or can relate to why this has happened?

I only have brief weekly access to the PC in question, running Windows XP SP2, so can only relate any suggestions to the owner to attempt during the week.

  Danoh 09:10 07 Feb 2005

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  Praxis99 10:17 07 Feb 2005

To remedy this what you need to do is load the relevant SATA drivers for your motherboard.

To do this as soon as the PC starts to load the PQRE (Powerquest Recovery Environment)from CD immediately press F6, initially nothing will appear to happen but about half way through loading the PQRE the process will stop and you will be given the option to load the relevant drivers which should be on a floppy disk that came with the MB (just follow the on screen instructions).

Once done the PQRE will load and you will be able to access the data you need on to recover data from or too your SATA drive.

Unfortunately if you do not have the relevant drivers you will not be able to use the PQRE with your SATA disk to recover your boot images but this should not effect recovery of data or other non system partitions that can be effected from within Windows.

  Danoh 11:05 07 Feb 2005

Praxis99, that is supreme!! Thank you! It makes absolute sense and I shall attempt that when I am next able to have access to the PC concerned, which will probably be at the weekend.

I'll leave this open for now and post back, hopefully to confirm its fixed and tick this as resolved!!

P/S It is a MESH Athlon64 based system.

  Danoh 04:13 27 Mar 2005

Its taken a little longer then expected. My son brought back a sorry looking PC, with XP installed on every one of his drives just so he could have Windows running. As the SATA drivers were still available, I was able to just restore using the installed Drive Image7 application.

However, he did something with his Media Player 10 libraries as he has loads of music files. This lead to the PC freezing and quickly corrupting the Windows System file. Which gave me a chance to try a restore from Drive Image7 CD as the PC is back home for his Easter break.

Copy from the folder;
all the files;, Fasttx2k.inf, Fasttx2k.sys, ptipbmf.dll, txtsetup.oem
on to a floppy;

Place Drive_Image7 CD and re-start PC;
Press any key to reboot from CD
Press F6 to install additional drivers
Press “S” to specify an additional device & add additional drivers
Insert floppy and press Enter

I was then able to see the SATA hard disk with the backup image drive, and was able to restore the C: drive successfully.

It was a good thing you stressed having Drivers for the PC's motherboard.

From reading other threads on SATA drivers, I tried a floppy with the all the files from //$OEM$/$1/Drivers/SCSI copied over, e.g.;
TXTSETUP.OEM, SIISUPP.VXD, Si3112.inf, Si3112.sys, Si3112.mpd, etc

But this still did not result in my being able to access the SATA hard disk.

Its confusing as there was another folder with Promise drivers which looks identical;
Except the txtsetup/oem file was in the 376-378 folder instead of the WinXP folder and it had a later date stamp.

  Praxis99 19:08 27 Mar 2005

Pleased to see that it all worked well.

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