Drive Image 2002 won't create a backup image

  Mark-335400 01:23 28 Apr 2003

Just installed Drive Image 2002 on a Windows XP Prof machine with 3 Hard Disks, tried to create an image of C drive on 3rd empty NTFS hard disk but the system says it will reboot to complete the job but nothing happens after the reboot(and no backup image created). I tried to image C to CDRW but nothing happens or is created after the reboot........ Any Ideas ..... Please

  Simsy 10:48 28 Apr 2003

because if it is the demo will only allow you to go through the procedure, so you can see how easy it is to make an image.

If it's not a demo, apologies, and I'm stuck as well!



  pj123 11:18 28 Apr 2003

See if you can find a copy of PC Answers Issue 117 for April 2003 in your local newsagents. The free CD has Acronis on it. A complete backup system. I have tried it and it works. Don't use CD/RW discs though. use CD/R discs.

  Mark-335400 12:32 28 Apr 2003

Simsy, it's not a demo version so I guess the pair us are now stumped. I will keep this thread open to see if any one else has any ideas, otherwise I will have to consider the Acronis route suggested by pj123. I want to make sure that I have a good working backup procedure as I am fed up with doing reinstalls and at last I have got the system setup just as I want. Any more ideas/suggestions.... Please

  Paranoid Android 12:36 28 Apr 2003

pj123 - I agree.

  Simsy 14:41 28 Apr 2003

phoning PowerQuest for help?

If you have registered your purchase the help is free. I had to phone them a couple of times when I was new to it, some time ago. They were very helpful.



  pj123 19:51 28 Apr 2003

If you can't find PC Answers Issue 117 I have just seen it is also on PC Plus No 202 for May 2003.

  sattman 20:05 28 Apr 2003

Not familiar with image 2002 but use v4 and it works excellant.

Do you have any anti virus programmes running if so I think you will have to temporary stop it.

Does it change to dos and does it show progression as it copies the image.

  MIke 20:29 28 Apr 2003

I've used Drive Image from V 2 successfully, however when upgrading to XP I bought Dive Image 2002 as it is XP compatible, and worked fine apart from writing direct to CD.
When I installed a second hard drive via a PCI RAID controller I started having the same problems as you. The PC Re-boots back into windows instead of the DOS version of DI which is necesssary for creating the image. I assume it must be something to do with the firmware on the RAID card that causes this as after the POST test that my PC originally performed the RAID controller performs it's own test.

The only way I can now use DI is by way of the floppies you can create from the program. However Drive image will then only see the Drive attached to the IDE channel on the motherboard, it does not detect the drive on the RAID controller card.

Seems Drive Image can't cope with certain hardware configurations, unfortunately, as I wanted to use the second drive as the back up drive, instead of using a partion on my main drive.

  MIke 20:35 28 Apr 2003

you say you have three drives on your system. Do you use a separate controller card too as I guess you are using your mobo channels for cd or dvd plus cd re-writer and c drive. If so you could try removing the drive and card to see if my theory is right :-)

  Mark-335400 00:17 29 Apr 2003

Thanks everybody for your repsonses,,, sorry I'm late in giving a reply but I have been trying a second install of Drive Image on my second Guinea pig system which just kept locking up at 79mb when writing to CDR (only have a single H/D in this system). ...... still cant get the dam thing to work,,,, anyway heres my hardware setup if anyone can shine any light on the problem (as Mike seems to have struck a chord on this one)

Athlon XP1700,
768 mb/ram,
chaintech 7KJD mobo,
40 gig h/d on IDE 1,
Liteon 24 10 40 CDRW on IDE 1 .......
8 gig h/d on IDE2,
16 x DVD on IDE 2 .......
Ultra ATA 100 pci IDE controller card,
8 gig h/d connected to the above ATA pci card .......

XP Prof, with Norton Anti Virus 2002 and all critical updates installed etc etc,
Drive Image installed Ok and the system runs as smooth as a babys ******, As everything is now set up as I want it I thought Drive Image would give me the security of regular "sound" back up's but everytime I run it, it gets to the reboot stage and goes straight to windows, I am begining to get the feeling that the 3rd h/d installed on the pci IDE controller could be the culprit,,,,,, just at the stage now where I am about to fdisk and remove the pci IDE card and try a clean install ( which was why I brought Drive Image to avoid this situation),,,,,,,,,,,, please help or give me the telephone number of the samaritans ( no disrespect to the samaritans),,

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