Drive Image 2002 (few questions)

  tran1 17:54 07 Feb 2003


Just recieved drive Image 2002 today (bought from Amazon for a cool £19).

I got a few questions:

The manual said that I should switch off virus scan in the bios, I didn't do this (I never even knew such thing was there), would this cuase a major effects on my images?

when I did my first backup image, the computer rebooted. Just before drive image started, the Bios went through a series of checks and it seemed to be alot of fails and errors (I think they were dection of CD-ROM checks etc). Drive image started and made the images ok though! But was that brief BIOs encounter normal?

I had a look at the results of the backup and noticed the 5 files; MyBackup, MyBackup.002, MyBackup.003, MyBackup.004 and MyBackup.005.
I had always assumed it would be one image file and would only be split into multiple files if burning onto CD-ROM. Is this normal for backups straight to a second hard drive?

Anyway, drive image 2002 is a easy to use program!! and hassle free so far apart from these questions I have! lol

John T

  muppetmark 18:49 07 Feb 2003

Did you perhaps tick the section for splitting files in the options, you can turn it off.

The bios checks depend on which extra drivers you installed when you installed DI, I noticed the same when I made /checked the rescue floppies,I included all the drivers and so DI checks for Aspidos etc

  AragornUK 12:23 09 Feb 2003

I'm having exactly the same problem. Running DI 2002 under XP Pro. Backed up C: yesterday, a 15GB partition with 8GB data on it. Ended up with image.pqi image.002 and image.003

No splitting choices were set in options, it just split the file on its own. I have no problem with a split file (although what use splitting a file into 3GB chunks is I have no idea), but since it ignored any options I made, I have little faith in it restoring OK now.

Is there a maximum image file size at all?? Can't find reference to one, but that don't mean there isn't one.

Sorry for hijacking tran1, but since it's the same problem, figured it may help us both :o)

  BrianW 13:34 09 Feb 2003

If you have used the Backup Wizard it sounds as if it has created your backups as if it were doing it for CD ROM backup. In the HElp files it explains how the image is named in sequences similar to thos that you have described. It should load back without problem. I use the Disc Copy option as I then have the option to boot from either of my two hard drives.

  AragornUK 13:59 09 Feb 2003

thanks, but unfortunately this has occurred using both wizard and 'create an image' methods.

my images are 3GB 3GB and 2GB (maybe tran1's are 650MB for CDROM??)

Wierd darn prog. Drive Image 5.0 worked fine. Might have to go back to it.

  tran1 14:24 09 Feb 2003


Each of my files are 1.99GB, 6 files totaling 11.4GB. I tried imaging again, making sure to not split the images up (in options) and they still appeared as 6 files afterwards.

For someone who uses DI2002, do you get 1 image file or many image files?

I backup my 120GB hard drive and save on a 40GB slave drive by the way.

  AragornUK 14:28 09 Feb 2003

My files are also 1.99GB, got mixed up somewhere with my sizes. 2 @ 1.99 and 1 @ 931MB

Seems like a max file size to me somehow.......maybe cos the images are created in a DOS type environment??

Will have to keep trying....but I'm SURE DI5 made 1 image file regardless.

Will check back after trying a few things.

  leo49 14:32 09 Feb 2003

I use DI2002 and I'm baffled as to what you're actually imaging - 11.4gb??? Is that compressed?

My 9x operating system images all fit on a single CD, and 2k on only 2, so I really can't imagine what you're doing.


  AragornUK 15:37 09 Feb 2003

Depends on progs installed etc. My XP drive is 7.98GB of data. My Windows folder itself is 1.3GB with 4.8GB of installed software. It's perfectly possible that if games / map progs etc are fully installed rather than 'run from CD' that this space can be 11 GB plus in next to no time.

Thing is, can anyone who backs up large drives, with a compressed size of >2GB, shed any light on this multi-image creation. Is my thought about if imaging C: it's done in a DOS type environment the answer??

  leo49 15:41 09 Feb 2003

Save me from bloatware - rather you than me. ;o)

  AragornUK 15:43 09 Feb 2003

tell me about it :o(

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