Drive Image 2002

  zebbydog 11:54 15 Feb 2003

I have just used drive image 2002 to make a backup of drive c . when it started and went to re-boot a red box came up Trend virus says i have virus in boot up. I do not have trend on computer is this part of drive image.

I did a full virus check with AVG before making a back up and all ok.

Any imformation please, Zebby

  leo49 12:00 15 Feb 2003

Sounds like your Bios AV - disable it.


  zebbydog 12:33 15 Feb 2003

I made the back up copy anyway . I have just downloaded Trend and done a virus check and all was ok so it seams nothings wrong.

But how did trend get on my computer before is it part of AVG or Drive image.

How do i disable Bios AV is it just a case of shut down AVG.

Thanks for the help

  leo49 12:45 15 Feb 2003

Sorry I should have explained better.

Many motherboards have onboard Boot-virus detection - mine has Trend as well.What's happening, I expect, is that this is enabled by default on your PC and it's interpreting the lowlevel actions of DI as a virus[I vaguely remember something similar happening the first time I used DI].

Refer to your Motherboard manual[if you haven't got one you can usually download one from the manufacturer's website].You need to enter the Bios[usually by tapping del as the pC boots up]and navigating to the Boot Menu section of the Bios setup. You should find a line referring to Boot Virus Detection,and if as I suspect it's Enabled you need to change it to Disabled,then exit saving your changes. That will put an end to the worrying red screen.

Regards leo49

  zebbydog 13:21 15 Feb 2003

Thanks again for your help, have been in bios and as was you said, another problem solved.

By for now Zebby

  leo49 14:12 15 Feb 2003

Good to hear you're sorted. A Green Tick would help to keep things tidy.


  zebbydog 15:23 15 Feb 2003

I did tick it so i thought, i have now done so
{ sorry }

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