drive image

  broggs 20:37 07 Jul 2004

I am thinking of using drive image to install an image of my hd to another of my pc's.

The image is 3gb so would use quite a few cd's.
My question is ......can I use a dvd to transfer this image and how easy is drive image to use.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:44 07 Jul 2004

DI is easy to use; not sure about using with a DVD. You could copy the image to a DVD then onto the hdd of the new PC.

Is the second PC close to the first in terms of hardware? If not, you may have some problems.

  Peter 21:12 07 Jul 2004


It depends, to some extent, on which version of Windows you are using. XP may well object if the hardware on the new machine in too different from the old one. Also some versions of Windows have, I believe, a file size limit of 2 Gig, at least if you are using FAT 32 as opposed to NTFS.

If the new machine's hard drive is clean and you can build the image file you may have nothing to loose in trying to restore the image onto the new hard drive.


  MIke 21:32 07 Jul 2004

I'd do it this way. Save you drive Image image to a separate partion on your original hard drive. Burn this image to a DVD. Make a set of boot floppies using drive image, and use these to boot up your other PC into the DOS version of DI. You should then be able to transfer the image straight from the DVD to your new hard drive. But as both Diodorus and Peter say this could cause problems.

I would expect XP to ask for re-activation if this is your OS, and you could also get driver problems if the hardware in the other PC is different.

  broggs 21:43 07 Jul 2004

its actually a notebook so Probably will expect problems as its xp.Also totally different hardware.

  MIke 21:47 07 Jul 2004

Think your best bet is to install an OS from scratch, and get up to date drivers off the net beforehand if you don't have any driver discs

  MIKE 21:52 07 Jul 2004

I can't talk about drive image as I have never used it, but I have used Ghost to create an image using DVD's. I can say it worked a treat for me and easy to use.

  MIke 22:10 07 Jul 2004

Never used Ghost here only Drive Image again dead easy. But I think problem here will be the copying over of inappropriate driver software to the notebook, as wells as XP which has presumably been activated on one PC being transferred to a totally different PC.

  broggs 13:37 08 Jul 2004

Ah well looks like I'm in for a long session on my laptop then.
Thanks everyone for trying

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