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  swapper 20:34 24 Apr 2004

A retitled query.

I thought perhaps that I would try and back up my PC - Windows - WinXP Home edition (with SP1). Processor - AMD Athlon XP1800 + DDR CPU System Board - EP-8K3A+ AMD KT333, VT8233A DDR2700 UDMA 133/Raid - to a newly installed 120GB HD
I have had for years and never touched before, PowerQuest Drive Image 3.

I installed it, and then attempted to make the Rescue Disks as suggested, despite using new floppies, I keep getting the following info. on the formatting window. Space required - 1457000 bytes Space available - 1441792 Space needed - 15208

When I check the properties on the floppy via "My computer" I'm told the space used is zero, and the space available is 1457664 (664 more than is required)

My two questions - Why is this happening? and will PQ DI3 do what I want to do bearing in mind NTFS is used for WinXP, rather than FAT32?

I could get PQ DI7 but I need to keep my costs down.


  swapper 21:33 24 Apr 2004

any help pse?

  woodchip 21:48 24 Apr 2004

If you want more space on a floppy post me through the envelope to the left of this post and I will send you a very small program that lots of forum members have had from me and it will make your floppy hold more info 1.72mb. You have to format the floppy with the program, if you use the windows format after it just restores it to a 1.44mb

  Rtus 00:25 25 Apr 2004

did drive image 3 know of xp ? i guess if you attempt format within drive image it would give error report as it wouldnt recognise Wxp file system.

  woodchip 00:27 25 Apr 2004

It wiil recognize NT in does if he creates the startup discs

  woodchip 00:28 25 Apr 2004

In DOS ready for bed

  Rtus 00:59 25 Apr 2004

Gnight woodchip & all

  ton 04:21 25 Apr 2004

Some very useful info from flecc inclick here this post

  swapper 07:23 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for the offer woodchip - done:-)

ton - thanks, I have read the thread, and I will take the bull by the horns and give DI3 a chance once I can create the rescue disk (strange why I cant with a new formatted floppy?)

I will report back - either a very happy man or a totally £$%^&* off OAP :-))

btw - I was looking at the times of your responses, what time do you people go to bed?
I didn't think people stayed up after the ten o'clock news :-)

  swapper 07:30 25 Apr 2004

Sorry everyone, I have just realised that I should not be using asterisks to say that I would be a "totally unhappy" person, no offence.

  swapper 18:38 26 Apr 2004

I have now got my extra space on the floppies thanks to woodchip.
I have created the rescue disk.
Got into DOS, and now have Drive Image3 appearing on my screen, great so far.
I follow the instructions and options but when I get to the stage to start copying I get an error message 1527. this appears to be advising me to do a CHKDSK/f.
I am now doing this but thought I would keep my thread informed to date:-))

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