A drive floppy drive will not work with xp pro

  dong 1 10:38 09 Aug 2004

I have installed windows xp pro on my computer but my floppy disc drive will not work, I get a warning saying that my floppy disc needs re formating, Can anybody help.

  Gongoozler 10:54 09 Aug 2004

Hi dong 1. I'm afraid that this is quite a common problem. Floppy disks created on Windows 98 or earlier often fail to work on a computer with XP. I think it is something to do with the formatting of the disk, but I have yet to find a definitive explanation of what has gone wrong, or a cure. If the data on the disk is important, then I think the best option is to use a Windows 98 computer to burn the data to CD, or copy it to a removeable USB flash drive (these are now available at reasonable prices and are excellant for transferring data between computers).

  Stuartli 11:06 09 Aug 2004

I use floppies created up to eight years ago or more with XP Pro, some with Windows 95.

If the floppy drive is listed in Device Manager then the most likely cause is an loose or faulty cable.

  Gongoozler 11:40 09 Aug 2004

Hi Stuartli. I'm also reading floppies created in Windows 95 and 98 on an XP computer with no difficulty. However this problem has arisen on this and other forums many times. Some cases have been resolved by attending to the connections or replacing the drive (it would appear that XP has problems with some floppy drive units), but in many cases no cure has been found.

A simple test would be to see if XP can write to a new floppy disk, and then read from it.

  Stuartli 13:20 09 Aug 2004

Have already done the odd one.

My son, an IT support specialist who looks after around 3,000 systems, told me a couple of years ago when my floppy drive "packed up" that 90 per cent of the faults were due to damaged or incorrectly fitted cables/leads.

At the time he was replacing the original lead with the replacement he had bought with him - afterwards the drive worked as before...:-)

  Gongoozler 14:38 09 Aug 2004

Hi Stuartli. I'm quite happy to accept that a floppy drive failure is most likely to be either a faulty lead or failing drive. I think what we are discussing here though is the drive that is behaving normally when running Windows 98, but after the installation of XP will not read disks that it was previously happy with. There have been numerous instances of this behaviour, and of new computers that will not read disks from older computers. In some cases this will be due to misalignment between the heads of the two machines, and in some cases the drive or cable will have coincidently developed a fault. There are still many occasions where for some reason the XP drive is perfectly well behaved except that it will not read a disk written by a Windows 98 machine.

  Stuartli 15:33 09 Aug 2004

I seem to remember previous threads raising this point.

Mind you, I never seem to suffer a fraction of the problems some forum members experience.

Famous last words?

  woodchip 15:46 09 Aug 2004

Floppy Drive controller may not be compatible with XP. try a new one about £4 at a computer Fair

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