Drive disappears from XP mid-session....

  maby66 08:54 23 Sep 2005

OK, had the following up and running for a couple of months:
MSI K8n SLi Platinum
2*512Mb Twinmoss
Thermaltake Purepower 680w
Phillips DVD re writer
WD Raptor 36Gb
WinXp home Sp2

This weekend it started hanging on boot, saying it was detecting RAID array - well it wasnt going to find one.
Also, on going into bios (Award v3) the allocation of devices was corrupted - the Raptor was showing as "NONEWD36GB" for example - a corruption of none and WD36Gb.
I started looking at various things, and when I disconnected my DVD drive, the machine began to boot normally, and the corruption in the BIOS went.
I've pulled the drive out and it appears to be dead, so I've replaced it with a plain old DVD Rom from my second rig.
Jumper on it is set to Cable select, it's plugged into IDE1 on the mainboard and its seen as secondary Master in BIOS.
Problem is that after a reboot, the drive is shown in Device Manager. but if I try to run anything (say a game from a desktop icon, that requires a disk in the drive) it disappears!
I look in device manager and the DVD drive is no longer shown - power is still on to the device, and I can eject the disk, but the system refuses to see it.
After a reboot it re-appears, but the same thing happens.
Power and IDE cables are secure.

Any thoughts? Is it a BIOS problem or an XP problem?

  pip22 09:38 23 Sep 2005

For cable-select to work properly the drive must be connected to the mobo with an 80-wire data cable (these have blue, grey and black connectors), and not a regular 40-wire one. Blue connector for the mobo, other end connector is for master device, and middle one for slave. Alternatively, using either a regular or 80-wire data cable, set the jumper on the drive to master or slave as appropriate (if it shares the cable with another drive then obviously one must be set to slave and the other to master -- not both the same.

  maby66 10:08 23 Sep 2005

thanks - it is an 80 wire cable - a quality Akasa one.
It is currently plugged in to Master on the cable, I have no slave IDE devices, the Raptor is plugged in via SATA on the mobo.
Doesthat help?

  jimv7 11:39 23 Sep 2005

Try another cable.

  maby66 12:32 23 Sep 2005

Will do - it aint arf winding me up, tho....

  maby66 14:06 23 Sep 2005

Nope - not the cable.
Put a new one in, no difference.
I was able to install BF2 without a problem, but as soon as I went to run it, it said please insert disk - check Device Manager and no drive......

Really peed off now!

  maby66 17:40 23 Sep 2005

bump - physically seen the device disappear from Device Manager now - had Device Manager open, with the tree showing the CD/DVD drive.
Tried to access the drive and it did nothing - then the Device Manager screen refreshed and the CD/DVD drive was no longer listed.


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