Drive please?

  tobyjug472002 12:42 31 Jul 2008

Can anyone help me please, when i double-click 'my computer' there is no sign of my 'C' Drive....obviously i must have disturbed something, and another problem i have picked up next to my clock (bottom right of taskbar) it says "Virus Alert"...ive scanned it with Avast Antivirus...nothing...also when i right click on my computer on the desktop, it appears to have changed the computers name to the same Virus XP Home Service pack 2....any advice on either of these 'problems' would be very gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.

  Jollyjohn 16:26 31 Jul 2008

OK. What happens if you go START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESORIES, WINDOWS EXPLORER? ( It should open your My Documents folder and you should be able to see C:\ as well)

  tobyjug472002 17:22 31 Jul 2008

No that didn't do anything, still no 'c' drive, sorry looks like it will be another long drawn out format....computers doh!!!

  Jollyjohn 18:24 31 Jul 2008

Right try this. START RUN "msconfig" ENTER
Go to STARTUP and untick all except "ctfmon"
Reboot, close the message box, and try looking for C:\.
Run msconfig again and add in a few items at a time, making a note so if the problem reappears you can isolate it.

  tobyjug472002 09:07 01 Aug 2008

I'm grateful for your ideas m8, but even after doing that still no 'c' drive....all other drives are showing DVD ROM, DVD/CD Writer, Card Reader Drives, its a total mystery to me...ive scanned with Avast Antivirus, no trojans, spyware, malware, ive never experienced anything like this before, The drive must be there cos any programmes that i have downloaded have been placed there in 'Programs'..but cant understand why its not showing up....sorry to be a pain, your time is gratefully appreciated.

  chub_tor 14:43 01 Aug 2008

There is a similar problem discussed click here and if you trawl down there are a couple of possible fixes. One is to look for a file called autorun.inf in the ROOT directory and if so delete it. The other is a registry fix.

  C3 08:13 02 Aug 2008

You have a Trojan.

Download Malwarebytes and run it in Administrator login in Safe Mode With Networking.

This will allow you to update the program once you've installed it.

Once you've run it and cleared out any infections, restart the PC and when you are back in normal Windows you should have the use of the drives back.

You may need to make some registry fixes to clear up any problems after you've removed the infection.

  tobyjug472002 10:52 02 Aug 2008

Many thanks to all replies, there are some helpful people online, i did a complete format and its ok now! :-)

  Terminus90 02:04 23 Nov 2008

restore the pc to a date when everything was ok. Your drive should show itself again.

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