Drive D vanished

  CC100 21:01 03 Nov 2005

A few weeks ago my cd/dvd drive vanished from my computer. It has also vanished from device manager. Although it does appear in the bios screen in setup. When i put a disc in the drive i can hear the disc spinning and the green light flashes for about 5 seconds.

I have tried: System restore, removing upper and lower filters in the registry, clearing the nvram, using different discs (games, cd's etc - nothing works).

I then looked in computer management and found an error report that said there was something wrong with the internal ide drive cable. As a result i replaced the cable but with the new cable in, my computer couldnt recognise drive d or my hard drive.

Any suggestions???????????????? Thanks.

  CC100 08:23 04 Nov 2005

Seeing as this is quite a complex issue, i have decided to just replace the cd/dvd drive. All i want is a replacement for what i've got already - cd player, cd burner and dvd player. Ideally i would like to replace my existing one with another one exactly the same but i cant find the reference anywhere.

Can anyone recommend any good sites/drives?

Many thanks

  Sharpamatt 08:59 04 Nov 2005

This could be just a simple matter of the newcable not seated correctley, that is if the problem was the cable

I would suggest you reseat the cable, and dependant on the operating system run Ckdisk.

Have you also looked into your device manager and ensured the drive is ok there? it is also there ( or in system information ) you will find basic information on your drive.

Changing registary settings etc without knowing just what you are changing can creat many problems.

You should be able ( dependant on system /OS ) to replace with any type of drive

  CC100 09:15 04 Nov 2005

I changed the registry settings following advice from dell and microsoft.

When i put the new cable in, i couldnt get to windows as the hard drive was not being recognised. All had was a black screen with an option of F1 to retry boot sequence, F2 to return to setup.

My cd drive appears in the BIOS screen but not in the device manager or sytem info.

  Sharpamatt 09:03 05 Nov 2005

If this had writing saying no boot drive ( or something to that nature) then it is the cable or jumper settings, so I would suggest unpluging, and then replugging it in.

You could also try the old cable but dont connect the CD drive, this should allow you to boot up and load windows. allowing you to discount a problem with your drive.

If no problems then connect the CD drive and check device manager

Did you have recovery software when you obtained this system, as that may be the answer to sort out your problem

  joseph K 12:36 05 Nov 2005

I've had this happen to me and I'm wracking my brains to remember what I did. Have you tried using the 'new' hardware wizwrd. If your system is not recognizing it at the moment then this could well fix it. Actually I think this may have been what I did.

  Audeal 12:45 05 Nov 2005

I had this only the other day when my "E" drive vanished during use and the film I was rendering was not finnished. So I took off the side of the computer, removed the power and ide cables, then replaced them both and all was well. Sometimes the connection between the pins appears to fail for no apparent reason and need to be removed and replaced. This usually works for me.

  CC100 10:19 07 Nov 2005

Thanks for the advice and suggestions everybody, but i think im going to solve the problem just by replacing the drive. I have tried every suggestion but nothing seems to work so im just going to admit defeat on this one. I noticed yesterday that when the drive spins it doesn't sound exactly like it used to, maybe it just burnt out. (Unfortunately my warranty expired 2 months ago)

Can anyone suggest a good cd/dvd rom? Under £50 preferably.

Many thanks

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