drive cloning?

  john the scone 11:08 16 Feb 2011

hi there, just bought western digital internal hard drive and drive caddy as a replacement for my failing laptop hard drive. never done this before but can i clone/image/copy everything on the failing drive( which is still working at min) to my new drive before i swap them over? my old drive has a partition on it containing back up copy of os ( vista home prem 32bit), will this be transferred? if i ise acronis do i install it on new drive first or old drive? do u need to format new drive as well? sorry for all questions but a bit wary and if i can do this it would save me so much time, mant thanks for any help

  Graphicool1 11:16 16 Feb 2011

I used 'EASEUS Todo Backup Home' Freeware. I installed it on the old drive and ran it from there. It did a complete clone of everything on that drive. I didn't have to Format, it did the necessary as it saw fit. As I recall all it asked me was, did I want the new drive to be bootable.

  Graphicool1 11:17 16 Feb 2011

My system is WinXP SP3

  john the scone 11:20 16 Feb 2011

did you say yes? does bootable mean that when i put it in the new laptop it will drive the laptop when i turn it on like the old one? thanks

does it take long to transfer?

  robin_x 12:23 16 Feb 2011

Cut down Acronis for WD here.
click here

EASEUS Todo is fine as well.

You may need to resize partitions after cloning.
Use Partition Wizard or EASEUS PM or Paragon.
click here

I noticed recently somewhere, that some cloning software does not correctly see small unlabelled boot partitions before c:.

Partition software above will show if you have one, and if the clone correctly copied it.

  robin_x 12:25 16 Feb 2011

Your recoery will be copied becuase it is labelled (eg d:)

Yes this may all take a while.
If your new disk is not formatted, that can take hours.

  Graphicool1 13:00 16 Feb 2011

If you say yes to 'Bootable' when you replace it for your old drive the new drive will become the boot drive containing your OS. It will in effect be the same old boot OS drive, on a new drive.

"does it take long to transfer?"
This can vary, it depends how fast your present drive is. In my case it took a lot longer than it should. Mainly because my old drive had issues.

As robinofloxley says "You may need to resize partitions after cloning" I had to and I used EASEUS.

  john the scone 15:27 17 Feb 2011

hi there, thanks for all advice. i've cloned new hard drive and installed it in laptop. trouble is i've got an unallocated partiton of 80gb as my new hard drive is 250gb and old one was 160gb.i either need to get that 80gb merged with my main partition to make it larger or allocate it so at least i can use it. i've installed easeus partition manager but not sure how to combine the spare space, any help much appreciated

  robin_x 15:43 17 Feb 2011

Right click 160GB, Resize / drag to fill the 250 GB.

When you hover the mouse over the right edge it will allow drag.

  robin_x 15:44 17 Feb 2011

Don't forget to 'Apply' the change.

  john the scone 17:02 17 Feb 2011

thanks for reply, but wont let me resize. i've got c: drive which is ntfs then next to that to the right i've got a 2.3gb section which is dell media direct in fat32 and then to the right of that i've got the 80gb unallocated section, which is the one i'm trying to merge with c: drive. think i might have to delete the dell media direct block first as fat32, then i'll be able to merge c: and spare space: ??? thanks for your persistance!

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