The A drive.

  Ratler 17:53 23 May 2003

A week ago after reading an article in PCAdvisor I rearranged the connections on my two hard drives and CDRoms mainly because I could not partition the last 30GBytes of HDD 0. For some unknown reason I can no longer access the A: drive. The System Properties Performance tab tells me that 'Drive A :is using MS-DOS compatability mode file system' I have changed the drive and added another just in case. When booting up the A Drive light dlashes briefly and that's it. I have also changed the ribbon cable. The MBd is an Epox using an AMD 1200MHz Duron. If use of the drive cannot be recovered is it feasible to use a CD-RW in its place as I need to partition HDD 1. Regards---Ratler.

  graham√ 17:54 23 May 2003

The C Drive

  Gongoozler 19:31 23 May 2003

Hi Ratler. I am confused about what you have done and what you are trying the acheive. Presumably you have not changed the connections to your floppy drive (A drive), but you have changed the connections to your primary master hard drive and some other drives. What did you have as master and slave on the first IDE cable and on the second IDE cable, and what have you changed them to?

  Ratler 15:11 24 May 2003

Graham, I must be a bit dim today as I don't understand your reply.
Gongoozler, thanks for your reply, to explain further, what I had was a HDD drive and a CDRom on each of the two IDE ribbon cables. The 8GByte was the Primary master and a 40GByte to provide space for video editing. After reading a magazine article I decided to put both HDDs on IDE0 and both CDRoms on IDE1 and at the same time reformat some of the HDD partitions. This was when I discovered that the A drive was no longer available. Since then I have lost the CDRoms, no doubt because MSCD001 cannot be found and therefore the only external communication is via the internet! HELP.

  Gongoozler 10:43 25 May 2003

Hi Ratler. The most likely cause of you computer not finding the A drive is that you have lost a connection to it. If you have Windows installed you will have the drivers for your CD drives (unless they are very old. Some old drives had there own drivers and don't work with MSCD001). The first thing I would check is that all the IDE and power connections are firmly in place and the floppy ribbon is the right way up, then if they are ok, the next thing would be to see if the drives are recognised in BIOS.

It is also possible that Windows has got confused. If you remove the drives in Device Manager, windows should then detect them and reinstall them. Let us know what version of Windows you are using, I am only familiar with Windows 98, but there are several people on this forum who are familiar with other operating systems and can offer advice.

  Ratler 08:30 26 May 2003

Thanks for your suggestion, I rechecked Device Manager and found three references to Standard Floppy Disk Controllers, I deleted them all and on rebooting found in the Bios setup, Floppies were marked as NONE. In Device Manager there were also references to nonexistent HDDs. Now there are exclamation marks on two floppy disk controllers and on two HDD controllers even though only one HDD is connected, but at least my Floppies are back and I have reloaded the drivers for the CDRoms which are now working. I now need to get rid of the exclamation marks including the one on the PCI Multimedia Audio Device. I use Win98SE, I am not ready for XP yet having tried it on a friends machine, thanks for your successful info an would appreciate any further help..regards Ratler.

  -pops- 09:13 26 May 2003

I think what graham√ is referring to is a possible confusion between the "A" drive and the "C" drive which, I must admit, from your post, confuses me.

The "A" drive is, and must be, a floppy disk drive.

The "C" drive is a hard drive and is conventionally the one containing the operating system.

  Gongoozler 09:44 26 May 2003

Ratler, I am guessing a bit here, but I think you may find duplicates of the IDE controllers. have a look in device manager and see if you have duplicates of things like IDE controllers, Floppy Disk controllers, and also of other motherboard devices under the System devices heading. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to remove devices because you are removing them from the registry and Windows tries to repair the registry by comparing it with Ini files.

The Multimedia Audio Device error is likely to be due to an IRQ conflict. Right clicking on the entry and selecting Properties should enable you to find what the error is.

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