"Drifting pointers Batman!"

  nick_j007 14:47 02 Feb 2003

Ok, one more quick question before I get into the garden:

At times the pointer on my laptop becomes hard to move around the screen as it wants to shoot up to the top or bottom of the screen for 20 seconds or so then it behaves normally again. This is related to the 'stick' in the keyboard that I use, the track-pad always seems to work fine.

Please, any ideas?

Cheers, Nick Jones.

  Pesala 15:05 02 Feb 2003

Have you got your gardening gloves on when this happens? :} Sorry, couldn't resist it. I hate both joy-sticks and track pads. Can you not plug it a proper mouse?

  nick_j007 16:49 02 Feb 2003


I'll take 'em off next time!

Ok, to be honest I have become quite accustomed to the stick and pad, and fin it easy enough to use. yes, a mouse is tempting, but I genuinely move the unit around the house and so use it as a bare bones peice of kit.
Strangely, this used to happen to a Toshiba lap top my partner had from work too. I am currently using a Dell Inspiron 8100. Is my Aura affecting the software I wonder, or have I been watching too many scary films?

A rather tidy garden, Nick

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