Dreded Blue Screen

  pj1664 22:37 24 Sep 2007

I keep getting the dreded blue screen when my laptop stars up, the blue screen comes up just after the log in screen.
The message is "amon.sys -address F6BF7FFB BASE AT F68BF0000, Date stamp 457eaba2"
What is it and how do I rectify it. Appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks.

Sys configuration:XP home edition, 512ram via graphic.

  brundle 22:39 24 Sep 2007

If you use NOD32 AV, remove and reinstall it.

  VoG II 22:40 24 Sep 2007

Are you using NOD32 click here

If so, re-install.

  pj1664 23:23 24 Sep 2007

Well in the mean time I tried repairing windows thinking it might solve the problem but it has not and now I am in a worst position, windows cannot start in normal because of the blue screen and it won't let me start in safe mode because I need to activate windows again catch 22. anyway around this?

  brundle 23:39 24 Sep 2007

click here

See step 10

  brundle 23:44 24 Sep 2007

Or boot from XP CD, then use C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe from repair console

  pj1664 23:46 24 Sep 2007

Can I install a fresh copy of win xp home from my desktop cd but useing the xp key thats at the bottom of the laptop, basically I am trying to activate windows with the original key that came with the laptop. Is this possible because I have heard contridictoey views and opinins about this, some say each cd is unique to a specific xp key some say the key is unique to a machine and the xp prog is just a software that will activate provided the right key is used for the right machine. any ideas or opinions on this?

  birdface 08:57 25 Sep 2007

If it says home edition you have to use the XP Home edition Disc.The same with XP Pro you need the disc for that.Just enter the key Code when prompted.As far as I know if you have the COA sticker with the Key Code on it it would be safe to borrow the proper XP disc from a friend or neighbor and use that.

  birdface 09:01 25 Sep 2007

Sorry just noticed that you want to use the Keycode from your Laptop.I do not think that will work.But there is a program that you can run to find out the original Keycode that was used with your desktop.I am sure someone will be able to help you with that.And then using original Keycode with XP Disc should work Ok.

  birdface 09:17 25 Sep 2007

I will get there eventually.As long as it is the Proper XP Disc and it is the same as what is on the Laptop Coa Sticker ,then yes it should be safe to use it.Sorry about the other two.Eye's dont seem to be working properly this morning..

  pj1664 11:49 25 Sep 2007

Hi buteman, you were right the first time, I am using my cd rom from my desktop pc on the laptop, they both have their own individual keys, it has taken it but microsoft want me to validate my xp on my laptop, now that is not the issue here, I still cant start windows even after the repair and I can't get into windows in safe mode to delete the NOD32 files. Microsoft needs to validate windows in its normal startup. So the question is:
1) I need to start in safe mode to delete the NOD32 file in order to be able to start windows in a normal way without crashing, so that I can validate windows and get on with life as it used to be.
2) Can I in way go in DOS mode and try to delete these files so that I could start windows normally

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