peabody 18:31 13 Jun 2004

This is a big question - be patient!

Using Dreamweaver MX, I have created a web page template with a basic tabular layout with the tables CENTRED on the page. The template has a table defined as an Editable region where I wish to place content.

To lay out the content in pages generated from the template I want to use layers (ease of use). However, the layers being generated with Absolute positioning are no use with centred tables - as the page size changes the tables remain centred but the layers don't.

I have tried Relative and Normal positioning with the layers with terrible results.

Q1: is there a solution regarding the layer positioning?
Q2: using a page generated from the template, I am unable to convert any layers to tables (which might have solved Q1). The options 'Convert > Layers to Tables' and 'Convert > Tables to Layers' are greyed out. Why?
Q3: I am unable to draw tables or cells within the Editable Region in Layout mode. Why?

I can see that one easy answer would be to left align the tabular layout, but this would throw the thing out of balance and look poor.

The other answer may be to give up with the template - but then I run into maintenance problems.

I hope somebody can help!

  peabody 22:28 13 Jun 2004

I've found the answer to Q2 on Macromedia's support site ... it's a bug in the product and they supply a workaround.

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