Dreamweaver V8 Help With Layer Layout

  babybell 09:40 13 Jun 2008

I am currently building a website from scratch using dreamweaver but I am having trouble getting the boxes to appear as I want.

I have a banner along that top which 80% wide (I want to work in % rather than px so that it appears correct no matter what size monitor the vistor has) The banner starts 10% from the left therefore leaving a 10% gap on the right and is therefore nicely centered.

This is fine and looks ok, the problem comes when i try to add three boxes underneath. The first box starts 10% left and is 20% wide. I then leave a 5% gap and start my 2nd box with the left setting at 35% (10%+20%+5%), the box is 30% wide then I have another 5% gap. The 3rd box starts at left 70% then is 20% wide, which leaves a gap of 10% on the right of the screen.

Now in my mind this totals 100% and should fit fine but it doesnt at all, the 5% gaps are different sizes and the boxes all out of whack.

From the information i've provided, can anyone see a rookie mistake I am making, I'm new to Dreamweaver so looking for help from someone who knows it better than I do!

  TomLinny 16:23 13 Jun 2008

Have you accounted for the borders on your boxes? If your boxes have say a 1px border that will be taking up some of the room. Knock the percentages down on the edges equally on the left and right side and see what happens. Then just tweek to line up.

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