Dreamweaver - Template doesn't appear correct

  Mysticnas 10:10 06 Dec 2006

Hi all,

I've built an intranet site, or started anyway and made the template. It's down to me and another person to populate the pages now.

I've setup the site in other persons Dreamweaver. Now when she applies the template to a blank page it doesn't show any of the formatting or background/images etc.

She can't work like this and needs it to look as it does on mine when i apply it to a blank page.

Does anyone have any idea of why this is happening?

  RicScott 11:07 06 Dec 2006

Make sure that you have copied over the images and css files...not just the template pages.

  Mysticnas 11:24 06 Dec 2006

Well this is just it...

The other person is looking at the same site in the same place, so didn't need to copy anything over.

  Mysticnas 11:26 06 Dec 2006

just to add... we work directly on the live site.

  RicScott 22:00 05 Feb 2007

I have no idea why it shouldn't show properly if you are both working from the same area, especially if you are using the same Software.

When you apply the template, you do have to import the CSS file to the template, otherwise it will remain plain, that's the only thing I can think of.
Not unless there is already a link to the External CSS file in the template.
Other than that, a setting change somewhere?
Failing that, I have no idea.
If you figure it out, post it on so we all know in the future.

  Forum Editor 23:08 05 Feb 2007

that two people are working live on the same site, each of them trying to make content and structural changes?

  Mysticnas 08:00 06 Feb 2007

No. The CSS and templates have been made. I've made editable regions in the template so she can go in and build pages adding text and linking.

She isn't making any structural changes, just populating the site (we both doing this).

Does that explain it any better?

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