Dreamweaver Problem - Chnages 'width=..' to 'span'

  gplatt2000 18:34 12 Apr 2004

Hi all! I am currently making a website, but have found an extremely annoying porblem with Dreamweaver. I have a cell - td width="216">. And the layout looks fine. however, once I preview the page, the layout is all messed up. So i checked the code, and DW had changed the ' td width="217"> to td rowspan="3">. The site still looks fine in the deisgn view in Dreamweaver (click here - how it should look), but once previewed you can see the 'adjusted' layout - click here . Is there any way of stopping Dreamweaver (MX) doing this?

Thanks a lot

  Taran 09:08 13 Apr 2004

One way of controlling your tables is to use the layout tools to draw your table and cells. This tends to create a locked layout, but you need a very firm idea of what you want out of your layout before proceeding.

Part of your problem may be if you have merged a series of cells into one row. Cell merging is one area where Dreamweaver often introduces some serious errors.

You could create some transparent gif images and use them as cell spacers to prevent the table from rearranging itself. There are ways of getting Dreamweaver to do this for you - check out the help files.

One comment on the page you are woking on. You might want to change the word "cheap" to "inexpensive" or "cost effective". Cheap is one of those words that can be taken in a variety of ways but most often it is taken to mean exactly what it says, which is probably not the image you want for the site.

Try and post a snapshot of the page code and highlight your problem area. Dreamweaver sometimes mangles layouts and you need to know it inside and out to cover all the bases. I can only generalise here until I see the actual page code.

  gplatt2000 14:03 13 Apr 2004

Ok thanks a lot for that taran - and good point about the 'cheap', ill change that before I upload the site.

Ive done all the site by drawing layout cells and tables.

And ill post up all the code in my next post. Cheers

  gplatt2000 14:16 13 Apr 2004

I have now uploaded the page to let you see exactly what the rpoblem is - click here

(Unfortunately non of the images work as I havent bothered uploading them seeing as this is just to show you what the problem is!)

As you can see, now I have added the cell to the left of the two template images (the first ones you come to, on the right of the page), now the whole page has become spread out, and the top image has repeated itself. The menu titles have also spread themselves out.

Any ideas people?

Thanks again

  gplatt2000 00:16 15 Apr 2004

Anyone got any ideas? Ive still not managed to think how this is hapenning, and it is becoming more and mroe annyoing as I cant get the site onoline until it is sorted!

Thanks again everyone!

  Taran 10:00 15 Apr 2004

Well, you've used a vastly overcomplicated layout and some of your cell sizes are bound to get out of hand because there are no size properties applied to them. You could achieve the same results without using multiple tables and by using far fewer cell divisions and locking them down.

Without the banner image and other page images, or at least their dimensions, it is difficult [almost impossible in fact] to try and offer a straight fix. The image dimensions could be used to lock out the underlying layout and they would directly affect the neighbouring cells.

I could strip out loads of code form this page to clean it up but I will need the main banner image and supporting page images to do anything worhtwhile to the page. Click the envelope icon next to my username if you want to email me. I will respond then you can send me a copy of the homepage and all images in a zip file if you like.

Without those dimensions I'd be flying a bit blind and while I could fix many of the problems I wouldn't get them all. Even image placeholders of the correct size would do.

It's no good trying to tweak a layout without all elements of it to hand, especially where the banner image that sits behind the navigation links could be used as a controlling element for the link cells.

Get back to me.

  Taran 19:16 22 Apr 2004

I haven't forgotten about you gplatt2000.

Unexpected events interrupted my normal work flow.

Expect a reply very, very soon to your formatting issues.

  gplatt2000 22:29 27 Apr 2004

OK no worries taran, and thanks again for all your help

  Taran 13:43 28 Apr 2004

I've sent copies of your files back.

Let me know if they are what you wanted.

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