Dreamweaver preload images problem

  Kalitechnis 18:52 25 Mar 2004

Please can someone help me out..

I have just completed my first site using Dreamweaver. ( I am not a professional).
I uploaded it, and discovered that it is preloading 43 of the 60 odd the images . It takes about 3 minutes to load on my dial-up; I have no idea how long it will take on broadband..too long whatever.

Now, in the prelaoded list accessed from the behaviours panel originally listed only about 20.
I knocked out a few of these (I want to leave the thumbnail rollover preloads in any case).
I uploaded the change..and still all the 43 images are preloading!

Does DW preload all images as a default, which can be changed somehow?

What I would like to have happen is for the rollover buttons to preload , then set preload behaviours on the different timelines, when appropriate (for the large images). This I can see is possible..but how to prevent all the unwanted images preloading??

My site is here: click here
(I have just registered a proper domain name-not yet up and running)

I am about to get the site placed centrally for all resolutions, using frames. (Hopefully). I already have done this with my other (portrait) site, a link to which can be found on the above site. (choose the 1152x864 version. (I created the site a few years ago, when I knew absolutely nothing important about site design issues.)
Click on the "portfolio" button for the dynamic site in question (there is another version using tables on the way).

Many thanks for any information,


  caast©? 19:29 26 Mar 2004

No problems with BB loaded very quickly and links were there in a crack. Very fast and quite smooth.

Nice site, Well Done M

  caast©? 19:35 26 Mar 2004

The Swap Image action automatically preloads all highlight images when you select the Preload Images option in the Swap Image dialog box, so you do not need to manually add Preload Images when using Swap Image.

If you dont want to pre-load there is an option to turn this off.

I think it is in the events pop up, in the behaviours window

  Kalitechnis 20:16 26 Mar 2004


Thankyou v. much for your reply.
You have made my day, thanks the compliment...HOWEVER..I know that so far only using IE on windows is trouble-free.
I have yet to hear from a Mac user (my portrait site does not function (not written with DW, but using layers & timelines)witn IE on a Mac, but does using Safari (info from other forum respondents).
Please will you let me know what you are using?

Regarding the preloads-yes I was aware of the preloading of the rollover images (there is a check by default to preload each rollover, but these images are small, and don't bother me-it's the big images which I have not set to preload & which are not mentioned in the Preload Images list accessed from the behaviours panel).
I can see on my IE status bar the names of the large images as they are downloading!
This beats me. Any ideas?

I have the same post as this on a DW forum-a moderator answered and said no images were shown on her XP using IE!

Once again thanks,

Peter (Kalitechnis)

  Kalitechnis 20:40 26 Mar 2004

Hmmm.., only when I posted my reply to yr reply, did I notice that you had not mentioned Preloaded Images with rollovers but with Swap Images. Aha, I thought that must be it..the only images that I used SI for were the big 'uns.
Alas, I checked and preloadeing was not selected foer them. Plus the images that i have most seen (pre-)downloading on my status bar are the 2 brochre pics, which have no swaps.

And I really thought that was it!

Well, thanks for pointing that out anyway,


PS. I think I will reinsert them anyway (making ssure there is no preload set), just in case.

PPS. I've just seen yr own posting. I would v. much like to see yr site(s). Will you post the address(es)? ( I will repeat this on your post just in case you don't return to this.)

  caast©? 18:04 27 Mar 2004

The index page was there as soon as I clicked the link.

It loaded the movie in approx ten secs.and showed the downloading files on my status bar. Still loaded very quickly, and cannot be still in cache as I have just logged on today comming in from work.

However when I clicked on the graphics it showed a frame with a place holder in the top left corner. Just wondered if you was aware

  Kalitechnis 19:17 27 Mar 2004


Roughly how long did the site take to load when you first saw it?
Would you be so kind as to empty your cache and time it for me again-I feel sure that it must have been cached to load so quickly.

Regarding the one image, I've just been doing several adjustments and searched the code for the reason for all the pics to preload. I discovered one pic (a white masking block)sourced to my hard drive.
Would you be so good as to check whether the missing image is still there or the placeholder gone? thanks.

I also found the bit of code which may be responsible for the unwanted preloads (know any javascript?):

function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0
var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array();
var i,j=d.MM_p.length,a=MM_preloadImages.arguments; for(i=0; i<a.length; i++)
if (a[i].indexOf("#")!=0){ d.MM_p[j]=new Image; d.MM_p[j++].src=a[i];}}

well, maybe.


  Kalitechnis 19:28 27 Mar 2004

forgot to mention... if the pic is still missing please would you help me identify it:
is it one of the thin thumbnails or a main pic, etc.

If you want any help with yr site when it is uploaded just let me know.
I do I'm afraid agree with Taran..if you will indeed be displaying 600 images to be viewed.

Truly you must be try to sort out the best of any different categories. You can always change the pics later. Too many images at one time is overload.

Many thanks for your help,

  caast©? 19:56 27 Mar 2004

First of all it still has the index in a crack, then about 10 secs to laod first movie, 15 to complete with links.

When I clicked graphics, pulls in the second movie,dtp, text etc. I clicked the dtp and pulled in another movie. with choice of. Clicked on first and dtp shown in front of frame with the place holder still there in top left corner.

Hit the back button, Ok, view second picture and has no back button apart from background, page one, hit this and go back. However on my mouse middle scroll wheel set to back button. if I use this takes me back to front screen, this ten loads the pictures again so have to wait.

maybe my browser but I cleared the cache and rebooted my pc before viewing again. M

  Kalitechnis 22:18 27 Mar 2004

Sorry this reply is a bit late..I was ws just about to post a reply, when i wnet back to check something using another browser, and this browser crashed so i have to start over.

Thankyou v much for going trying out the site again for me. I can't figure out the missing pic, it would appear to be the first of the 3 DTP thumbnails..

I clean out my cache, and the site downloads fine all pics showing, with a couple of script errors (which don't happen when I view it from my HD!
I reckon it's a script error.
Which browser are you using? PC or MAC?

I know netscape doesn't cope with timelines ( the movies).

Why didn't I just settle for a simple table site?? which I still have to do, as an alternative has to be on offer for browsers that don't read it. The present alternative is purely temporary.
Hope your site is going well..what sort of artwork are you doing?

I look forward to seeing the site when it's up.

cheers, Peter

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