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  Analyst02 00:00 16 Oct 2004

hi folks.

Am in process of putting together my first website.

However, When i do something in dreamweaver lets say i put in a frameset at the top of the page with a small border and within this frameset is 3 lines of text. All well and good, Looks ok within dreamweaver.
When i test the layout in various browers AOL,IE, & NETSCAPE, The lower border of the frameset has moved upwards and so some of the text within the lower portion of the frameset is now obscured.

yes i can lower the frameset to a point that when it does move it doesnt affect the text. But then the mass of area that is left is just too much and your left with a large box with little in it.

where am i going wrong? any help much appreciated.


  ALLnicksAREinUSE 12:59 19 Oct 2004

One possible cause could be that the text size are set different on each browser. The smaller the text, the more you'll see and the larger it gets, the more disappears. If only frames would adjust accordingly.

The best thing i can suggest if that is the problem is that you make an image with your 3 lines of text. Place that in the frame as the height of the image is fixed. That shud solve it.

Another suggestion, get rid of the frameset and add the text to each page in a table instead.

I used to like frames but i find that it can cause problems sometimes.

And if the problem is not the text size then errm i just wasted 2 minutes... well it mite help someone in the future so it's all good.. hapy designin :D

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