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  ls69 13:41 07 Feb 2004

I have second-hand car dealer project to produce and really need some help from someone. As most customers want search functions thesedays there is no way of avoiding them, the problem with this is I don't know how to create one hence this post. Could any of you guys help me out please?


  Taran 13:56 07 Feb 2004

Does the web host the site will be on support one or more of the following:




If it does you can get dozens of scripts pre-written to embed into your site that will run an effective keyword search of the site content.

This will be on a keyword basis; if you want to implement a reliable product stock search for available car makes, models, year of registration and whatnot you may need to look into pulling this from an online database which would involve Access or MySQL.

Some of the better CGI search scripts can do quite well just using their built in features though, so you may not need to go down the database road.

It all depends really on what it is you want the search to be able to return. Once you start to filter search results or drill into some serious detail you just can't beat a database underlying the site, buyt this could well be a sledgehammer and nut situation so let's not go down that road unless you think we need to.

Post again with details of what the web host supports and one of us will offer some posible links to downloads for you.


  ls69 14:53 07 Feb 2004

Well this is probably make you want not to help me now but that's another thing I haven't figured out. Let me start at the start. This is going to sound stupid but for my Computing dissertation I decided to do a second-hand car dealer web site integrating access and flash (for a showroom feature i'm working on) but I have no idea how to host it or how to integrate Access into the web site.It's just for a project so I won't have to host it will I?

Man i'm really in a pickle
Soz to mess you around


  Taran 15:11 07 Feb 2004

Another question for you:

which version of Windows do you run ?

Windows 2000 and XP Pro [not Home] have IIS [Internet Information Services] available as an optional component install.

It turns your own PC into a web server for testing your web sites. You can assign any folder on your hard drive as a virtual directory which allows you to run Access databases with ASP pages as if you had the site hosted on a Windows web host. this allows you o fully test the scripts that you write and you can also take as many screengrabs as you like to include in your project.

Take into account that your project research, evaluation, solution decision and your rationale behind it as well as full documentation of all steps are just as important if not moreso than the actual finished article. I always tell my students that I would rather see a fully planned, discussed and correctly designed project than something that works beautifully but has little documentation. The design and documentation is always crucial to a working application and in the real world it is often not the job of the designers to produce the finished output.

I'm surprised [amazed actually] that you decided to tackle something that you have no clue how to complete.

Getting Access or any other data source to integrate with Flash is possible, but the additional headaches of getting Flash to correctly hook into the database further compounds what is already a fairly complicated subject.

Post again with details of your operating system and we will see what can be done.

Since this is for an education project I am not prepared to give you a working solution. I will point you in the right direction though, and nudge you toward some useful resources.

  ls69 15:32 07 Feb 2004

I know, i made the wrong decision in choosing to do two dissertations I wish I could turn back time but its all coulds and woulds which I can't change now and have to try my best in getting at least a high mark in the 50% range. I'm using the XP home edition unfortuntaly to add to the headache i'm already giving you. That Flash presentation has nothing to do with the database thank god, it will be separte presentations of each car where u can view it at different angles as well as its interior. It's just a matter of putting the right links on the correct pages.

Thanks for your help

  ls69 16:11 07 Feb 2004

Also thanks for the advice on about how to set out my project it is very much appreciated.

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