Dreamweaver and F12: how accurate is it?

  Dazzlestop 11:37 23 Feb 2007

Hi all,

Someone created a site using Dreamweaver for me and I have now amended it. I was told F12 will show me how the site and links will show 'online' and when I do that, all pics and links are showing up and working fine. However, once I went online to admire the work done, it now appears that not all pics on the homepage show, and also the links are faulty.
How can I fix this, any suggestions???
Thanks a mill!

  tomleady 11:59 23 Feb 2007

Is the site online now?

If you tell us the URL we can look for you?

First site I ever did in Dreamweaver, I put online only to find all the images and links were trying to point back to my C: Driver. Whoops!

  Eric10 12:11 23 Feb 2007

All that F12 does is to launch the browser to view your site on your local machine. If the online site shows up differently then check that the images have actually been uploaded as suggested by tomleady. Alternatively you may have filenames with spaces in them that get changed to %20 online and can cause problems. Then again you may have a mixture of capitals and lowercase in your filenames. Your local PC isn't case sensitive so will show such images but when you go online that is case sensitive. e.g. 'Picture.JPG' isn't the same as 'picture.jpg'. The latter format being preferable for a web site.

  Dazzlestop 12:32 23 Feb 2007

Hi all,

Thanks a mill for the suggestions, and yes actually, i have spaces in the names and capital and lowercase letters, so I will change those and see how I get on!
Name of my site: click here

Thanks again!

  Eric10 18:24 23 Feb 2007

The code for your imgages is looking for a folder called 'Sean' as in http: // www. keenoncards.com /Sean/cardimages/wedding_thumb/Resized_ribbon.jpg

Whereas Resized_ribbon.jpg is actually in http: // www. keenoncards.com /cardimages/wedding_thumb/Resized_ribbon.jpg (without the Sean)

This applies to your other missing images too.

  Eric10 18:31 23 Feb 2007

Also your pages that don't open from the links are coded as being inside the 'Sean' folder whereas they aren't.

  mco 18:36 23 Feb 2007

I hope you don't mind me butting in, but on the title page, 'occasions' is written with double 's' which would put me off if I were looking to buy.

  Forum Editor 23:46 23 Feb 2007

of referencing to images that aren't included in your web structure. They're in that folder called 'Sean' that Eric10 has mentioned. You must upload all assets to the server for the site to work.

Whilst on the subject of your site - the font you've used for your body text (Papyrus) is incredibly difficult to read, and will irritate site visitors.

  Dazzlestop 00:02 24 Feb 2007

Tomleady and Eric10, thank you very much for your constructive and helpful reaction - I am working on implementing all your advise now and hopefully I can upload a perfect-working site by Monday!

Some others feel the need to, instead of concentrating on my question, to concentrate on the lay-out of MY site. DO feel free to address spelling mistakes, I much appreciate it.
Anything else: have an opion, but keep it to yourself unless it's asked for.

Thanks again!

  Forum Editor 01:07 24 Feb 2007

but keep it to yourself unless it's asked for.

Is hardly the way to win friends here. It's pretty obvious from your posts that you're a relative newcomer to web design, whereas some of us have many years experience. We know what works and what doesn't, and we are quite happy to offer the benefit of that experience, free of charge, to others. Your site contains many errors, and my purpose in informing you of one of them was to be helpful - you'll lose potential customers because of that font, and whether or not you take my advice is up to you.

What isn't acceptable here is downright rudeness, and I'm tempted to tell you to look elsewhere for help with your problem. In the interests of being fair I'm not going to do that, but please try to understand that our advice is offered in your best interests - don't turn around and try to bite the hand that's feeding you .

  Dazzlestop 08:27 24 Feb 2007

- I did not attempt to come across rude: I absolutely understand that people responding to questions do it out of the goodness of their hearts, helping beginners like me and it IS indeed much appreciated!

I like the font, and all I meant with my comment above is:I posted a technical question and I prefer to stick to that and not get personal about layout etc.

Over to why we are here: I have made the suggested changes ie names in small letters and underscores instead of spaces - changed the name of siteroot as well so fingers crossed the launch goes better this time!Hoping to upload before Monday.
To all of you thanks for all your help and taking the time to respond!

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