beatles1971 19:56 25 May 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum - any help really appreciated.

I have a website (layout created and exported from Photoshop just as a jpeg) Ive inserted this (also tried it with a table) into DW CS4 and tried to add text on top of the jpeg image.

Ive tried tables and also layers - which do work but alignment etc.. is way off when previewing in the browser...especially in iexplore - firefox isnt as bad...

Ive checked loads of videos on youtube and it does appear that CSS style sheets are the way forward though my knowledge of these isnt much...

Can anyone suggest a good way of doing this...? Possibly without CSS sheets...?.

The layout is header top, left vertical nav bar and content to the right hand side...

I want to save the index as the master page complete with links and then edit the remaining pages.. this is a big site with over 30+ pages so I want the index to be spot on before going ahead..;)

Really appreciate any help with this...:)

Thanks a lot for your time,


  Forum Editor 17:44 26 May 2014

Are you saying that you are using an image as a page background?

If you are, you should be able to set up your pages in DW quite easily using a style sheet. Just follow the tips you'll see here.

  beatles1971 15:16 27 May 2014


Thanks for the reply.

Yes thats exactly it - you can see the basic layout I'm using here at the current site : click here take a look at the link and have a read through - I found some info on using ap div's (apparently used t be called layers in DW8) but havent found yet how to anchor them so they will stay in the same spot - Ive found that iexplore throws things off compared to firefox and a student just told me that on his iphone things didnt look right either...so have to check it now in safari as well...

Thanks in the meantime....:)



  beatles1971 15:17 27 May 2014

Sorry meant to say - all of that background layout is one jpeg exprted from Photoshop....:)

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