Dreamweaver ?

  lazanda 20:28 13 Jul 2003

This may not be the right area to lok for help with software, but does anyone know anything about dreamweaver (3) ?

Specifically I want to know in leymans terms how to have a 'user name' and 'password' set up to to go to a certain page.

(I know most of the package)

Thanks so much.


  Valvegrid 20:38 13 Jul 2003

Could you be a bit more specific please, I typed dreamweaver into google and got 1,980,000 returns.

Do you have a link to the site, or do you have more info, thanks.

Also Paul, great name.

  Eastender 21:33 13 Jul 2003

Are you asking where to get User name and Password or where to put these in DW?

  Black-Artist 21:39 13 Jul 2003

At its most basic it would look goes something like this.

In DW insert a form, and then look at the properties for that form. You can then type/browse in an action, which usually leads to another page.

But it varies greatly, are you making dynamic pages using, ASP, PHP? If you can be more specific, I can be more specific in my answer.



  lazanda 11:19 14 Jul 2003

Web page is set up but i want a "partner member Login" on one of the pages off the home page, dw3 doesn't as far as i know offer a password protect, which leaves me with i think two options either a java script or .htaccess, all my web pages before have been pretty basic and all built within the dreamweaver package, as i understand it i need to ad a sub directory server side (unix) with the .htaccess .htpassword files
Was hoping there was an easier way though

  -pops- 11:22 14 Jul 2003

This ough to be on the Webdesign forum click here


  lazanda 11:30 14 Jul 2003

Ok thanx all

  Taran 14:45 14 Jul 2003

The quick and easy way is this:

Go to click here and look at their Coffeecup Password Wizard.

You can get it from a number of download portals.

This is the Tucows link:

click here

This is the direct link to the relevant Coffeecup page:

click here

You can download a trial of it which wil allow you to create either Java or Flash based authentication for HTML documents without having to messa round with complicated coding or dynamic pages.

It's the quickest and easiest way of controlling user authentication that I know of.



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