Pau1JB 18:45 27 Feb 2004

Can any one tell me if i have a blank page on dreamweaver. how can i add php pages that i have on my computer so that they load up on the page.

e.g. if i have a table how can i put a differnt php page in each section of the table

  Taran 20:29 27 Feb 2004

What do the PHP pages do that you want to include ?

If they pull in content from a database you could create a single query to do the job of all of those pages.

In principal at least, it is possible to create an HTML page in Dreamweaver but save it with a .php file extension.

You can then use file includes to dump the output of one PHP page into another, like this:


include("pagename.php" );


So you'd end up with something like this:







include("pagename.php" );




If this page is saved as a .php file when the server processes it, it produces the HTML in the page including whatever content the pagename.php file adds to the mix and sends it back to the site visitors browser as plain HTML content.

This is a very simple example and if you have several pages you want to include or reference it could get very messy and overly complex.

How far along with PHP are you or are you new to it ?

There may well be a simpler and more efficient method of doing what you want.

Try to give as much detail as you can and one of us will try to help you.



  Pau1JB 21:14 27 Feb 2004

i am really really new to php.

it just that i have an gallery displayer. which is contain in a file called index.php and a iamge uplaoder called uploader.php and i want to be able on dreamweaver to merge these to pages to getter so they are together on the same page but sepearated in a table.

if u know where am going

tahnks again

  Taran 21:29 27 Feb 2004

Rather than fight with a system that doesn't do what you want it to when you don't know the underlying language, have you thought about trying some alternative gallery scripts ?

The best I've seen that is freely available is called Gallery [original name I know] and you can find it at this link: click here

There's a superb walk-through on how to code your own image gallery in PHP with a MySQL database at the SitePoint website: click here

It includes download files so that you can see the whole lot working and is a good basis to start from since most of the code is thoroughly explained.

I don't mean to sound negative but you've chosen a pretty steep introduction to PHP.

Combining an upload script into an index.php file would be, in my opinion, a big mistake in many respects.

Uploads should be strictly controlled for security and bandwidth reasons and many web hosts will not allow file uploads at all. File size, type, number of submissions and other factors have to be very tightly locked down and the folder to upload into also has to be heavily secured. Failure to do this could result in one of the many nuggets out there taking advantage of your upload script to cause all kinds of michief with your site.

Take a look at the above links and see if either one is more suited to your requirements.

If you must combine two PHP pages it could help if you let me know if the script was pre-written and if so, what is it called and where did you get it ?

Without knowing the actual code the files contain I could give you instructions on combining them which could possibly bring everything crashing down.


  Pau1JB 22:05 27 Feb 2004

i have got a thing on my uploader script so it only takes pictures.

the otehr codes i got off a forum.

one is called FhImage and the uploader is called

thanks again

i have the things set up on my website, fell free to have a look. click here

  BBez 22:35 27 Feb 2004

Build PHP Sites with Dreamweaver...

click here

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