drawplus4 coverdisc causes exception fault

  Mike 13:24 29 Apr 2003

I have 2 problems. Initially when trying to install the program I get "cannot import c:\windows\temp\_istmpo.dir\startup.reg". The program then installs. But when I get to run the program through the wizard I get "drawplus caused an exception 10H in module MSVCRT.DLL." I have checked through the MS data base and seen that there are some problems and downloaded the patch SPEU.exe but it made no differce. In Widows/system the version is 6.10.8924.0. Any suggestions or ideas.

thanks in advance for any help.


  MichelleC 13:51 29 Apr 2003

It's best to start again - clean uninstall and reinstall, with nowt on in b/g but vitals.

  Mike 14:09 29 Apr 2003

thanks for a quick response but, unfortunately, it still gives the same problems.

  MichelleC 08:02 30 Apr 2003

There's probably still a file or 2 lurking somewhere (in registry?) when uninstalled causing install conflict.

  dogtrack 09:56 30 Apr 2003

I always thought that it was a Serif program. That being the case if you go to click here and click on the support tab, you should be able to find an update/patch for it. Which hopefully will cure your problem.

  RickyC :-) 10:39 30 Apr 2003

The Kernel32.dll is a library file that is used with your printer and graphics card. I suspect that updating the drivers for these will solve
the problem: Drivers will be available from your manufacturer's web site, if you do not know what graphics card you have you can find this out by right clicking on MY COMPUTER and then going into device manager.

I would advise you to download Windows Library files from Microsoft website which will over come the error MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL.

click here

Khalida Ahmed
Customer Support Supervisor
Serif (Europe) Ltd

  Mike 11:27 30 Apr 2003

I can confirm that I am using the latest graphics card and printer drivers. Why the mention of Kernel32.dll? I have already downloaded and installed the Windows Library files. (speu.exe)
I have updated the MSVCRT.DLL as stated above.
My version for MFC42.dll is 6.00.8665.0 which is the latest and in searching for this on microsoft's web site I can only find information that says that dll's are not downloadable from its site. I run W98SE and keep it upto date.
What next please.

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