DRAM error.

  rupie 00:07 06 Nov 2005

I have a self built pc at home. The motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D. I have 1GB of crucial Ballistic memory made up of 2 DDRII modules. The unit is about 1 year old. over the last 2 months the mother board has started to emmit a continuous error tone. It only happens probably once every 2 weeks. According to the Gigabyte manual it is a dram error. Diagnostic and system tools find no fault, even if run when the error tone is being emitted. There is also no change in performance. If I turn the computer off and come back to it later the fault is gone. The thing is the fault is not constant and not regular. Does a DRAM error only relate to the RAM put in the DIMM sockets ???

  Skills 00:48 06 Nov 2005

Have you checked that your RAM is seated properly? If you have a spare memory slot try moving the modules

You could also try running a memory test such as memtest86 click here and see if that shows anything up.

  DieSse 00:52 06 Nov 2005

Read the manual carefully - possibly it's only refering to a tone during te POST tests. It's difficult to see how a RAM error would even be detected during normal running, rather than tests, let alone give an error tone.

It's more possible, I would have thought, that this relates to a temperature or fan issue - this could occur at any time, and would give a tone.

Does your motherboard come with a temperature/fan monitoring program - if it des, then try running it and see what the limits are set to, and whether your system is running too close to the limits and sometimes exceeding them.

  rupie 10:26 08 Nov 2005

I have reseated the ram and found no difference. All my mem tests show no faults. When it happens again I will check the temp. status. I have had a fan issue before and it could be that. thanks

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