dragon naturally speaking will it work?

  Internetwhizzkid 23:05 23 Oct 2006

i am thinking of getting dragon naturally speaking. Now people say about using a headset and blue tooth is what you need
But is it possible to use the software by only using a standard microphone and not to have a silly headset



  Technotiger 23:17 23 Oct 2006

In a word - Yes.
And I believe Dragon is supposed to be one of the better programs of this type.
But not really easy to learn, I think 'Training ' the program is the hard bit.

  woodchip 23:48 23 Oct 2006

You will not get it to work very good. I have version 8 Professional.

PS I just use a over the ear mic, earphone, cost £1 from local pound shop

  woodchip 23:49 23 Oct 2006

PS it uses a lot of Ram and needs a good power CPU

  bjh 23:53 23 Oct 2006

Dragon version 8 onwards is very easy to train. Version 9 is almost instantaneous (3 mins), although some accents may benefit from further training.

Dragon WORKs!!! It really is accurate, fast, and effective. I've used versions since Dragon 4, and from 8 on had almost 100% success. It's rare to have to correct documents much now (scientific journals, reports, etc, so no easy stuff).

A headset microphone is best. A USB microphone can have advantages if you have a poor soundcard (and I think there's an advantage for speed of processing). Desktop microphones are possible, but rarely as good as headset, as positioning is mor difficult.... you move, it doesn't. Bluetooth I haven't tried.

ViaVoice was the main competitor, and I believe it is no longer developed.

The one I wish had been further developed was VoiceXpress by L&H. That died with version 5, but was phenominally good at controlling web pages, programs, and the like. (Unfortunately, it had the minor disadvantage of being [email protected] at basic transcription!)

Give Dragon a go. It really can help if you've lots of text to input.

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