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  Mike_Rolls 21:20 09 Sep 2007

My wife has a nuerological condition which means that using a keyboard is becomiong increasingly difficult for her. I have therefore bought Dragom Naturally Speaking voice recognition software so that she can continue to use the computer. The version I have bought is 9.0 and on reading the required specification it is clear that our existing laptop isn't really up to the task and that our desktop would struggle.

Our laptop is about due to be retired anyway, so I am looking to a new laptop with minimum specifications of:

Pentium 4 or equivalent 2.4GHz or above
Minimum of 1 GB RAM
16 bit Creative Labs SOund Blaster or compatible sound card capable of and set to 16 bit, 11KHz
and here is the rub - XP operating system as version 9.0 isn't compatible with Vista (our exisitng machines are XP Home)


Mike Rolls

  Acx 22:04 09 Sep 2007

Dell still allows you to buy most of their laptops with Xp.

click here

However as you have such specific requirements I would order over the phone, that way the onus would with them to provide you with a suitable laptop (If they say they can of course).

  wee eddie 08:22 10 Sep 2007

I have a feeling that Dragom Naturally Speaking needs/works-with M$ Word. Which may put you to added expense. (Word also comes with Microsoft Works which is frequently bundled by Manufacturers, but not all of them)

It may work with Open Office or Ability. I have no idea on that front.

  Mike_Rolls 13:57 10 Sep 2007

Thanks for the replies - should have said I also expect that I will have to add MS Office to the bill - I currently use Office 2000 and having read reviews of 2007 can't say that I am impressed in that it doesn't seem to be anything other than change for the sake of it in relation to what we use our computers for.

  stylehurst 14:11 10 Sep 2007

I have used Dragon V9 for a couple of years now to combat RSI. I have found that it is better with 2Gb of Ram rather than 1Gb. Additionally, the most effective way to use it is to dictate into the built in text editior & then c/p to other applications. It will dictate into MS word, but not to the same high degree of accuracy.
Using the method outlined above I use it for all text based operations such as email (into Thunderbird) also into MS Word, & Roots Magic genealogy program.

  stylehurst 14:21 10 Sep 2007

Forgot one thing, Novatech sell laptops without an OS installed. You could buy an OEM version of XP from them & install that yourself.
Out of interest both these messages have been dictated using Dragon.

  Mike_Rolls 16:42 11 Sep 2007

Many thanks for all th ehelp. I have installed the s'ware on out desk-top and have been pleasantly surprised at how well it works - slow, but that's not surprising. Even though it is slow it is much faster than Veronica can type and should doesn't have to endure the pain in her hands, so I think that I will hang fore for the moment/
Also - thans for the tip that it is more accurate in the text editor - we will try that.
Thanks again

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