blackpat 07:42 24 Sep 2006

Hi all, I have just had a new Dell 5150 computer and I want to drag icons from "my favs" etc to the bottom menu bar for easy access, but when I try, it doen't seem to work, I have right clicked on the menu bar and unchecked the lock task bar, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas anyone?

  BRYNIT 09:55 24 Sep 2006

You can not drag them directly to the taskbar but you can drag them into the quick launch toolbar usually to the left side of the taskbar.

Or Create a folder to put your items from your fav's in. Right click on taskbar/tools/new toolbar go to the folder click OK the folder will be to the bottom right of taskbar.

  blackpat 08:22 25 Sep 2006

Sorry Brynit, I get my task bar and tool bars mixed up. I can't seem to find my tool bar, I know it should be on the left side of the task bar, My partner who has exactly the same computer as me (Dell dimension 5150) and we sit back to back in our little computer room, is able to drag stuff to her tool bar and I used to be able to on my old computer. I tried making a folder as you suggested, it would drag stuff to it, but it didn't appear there. I did find that if I drag stuff to the "START" at the bottom left hand side, the stuff would drag there allright and appear in the start when I clicked it.

  Stuartli 09:18 25 Sep 2006

>>I know it should be on the left side of the task bar>>

That is the Quick Launch bar - the Toobar is at the top of the page and the Taskbar/Notification bar bottom right.

If you can't see the Toolbar (although the Taskbar would normally disappear as well) press F11; this allows toggling between a full screen and the display of the Tool and Task bars.

  Eric10 09:24 25 Sep 2006

It just sounds like you don't have the Quick Launch area activated. Right-click the taskbar go to Toolbars and click Quick Launch.

  blackpat 05:55 27 Sep 2006

Thanks all for your help, it seems I didn't have quick launch checked, everything fine now, Thanks again,

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