Drag & Drop vs Keylogers

  pingyao 13:03 17 Jul 2008

If I use Drag & Drop to move some text into a form field (e.g. a password field) will/can this be detected by a software keylogger? I'm assuming that the dragged text does not go via the clipboard.

  Forum Editor 17:23 17 Jul 2008

will not be detected by a keylogger, but rather than worry about that, wouldn't it be better to enure that you don't have a keylogger on your machine in the first place?

  peter99co 17:36 17 Jul 2008

It's a new wrinkle though isn't it. I suppose you could keep passwords on a pendrive and drag and drop when you needed to. They are called Memory sticks and I have got a terrible memory for passwords.

  FatboySlim71 18:47 17 Jul 2008

I have used this program click here for several years and I find it EXTREMELY USEFUL, I have always been very impressed with it and its free!

You can also set the program up to generate a different high security password for every entry you have stored with it.

You basically find the details you are wanting from the programs window, for example PC ADVISOR, you then double click on this entry and the details are copied and pasted into the relevant boxes. You would have no fear of a keylogger picking up the details with this program.

  pingyao 09:50 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for the replies.
My idea was to drag/drop characters from a web page into a password field, tedious but would save having to have a pendrive handy or using an on-screen keyboard.

I have used PasswordSafe in the past, and currently use KeepassSafe but you still need to enter a password (or better still a pw and an optional key file).

Of course I would only resort to these methods ifhaving to enter passwords at internet cafes when travelling and have always been curious about the security aspect of drag/dropping of text.

Thanks again

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