Dr Watson Post mortem debugger

  jack 10:56 20 Jun 2007

What is the significance of this popping up and the machine stalling.?
I have a CD with a small home movie on it - that will only play on PC.
I would lie to see it on the TV via a DVD player and have bee attempting to copy it to 're-burn' it to a DVD format.
However part way through the copy process -all stops and I get the 'Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger' and the a shut down.
So what is the likely cause of this?
Subsequently I have yet to achieve a copy to HDD let alone a 'Burn'

  johndrew 15:47 20 Jun 2007

This was the result of a `Google` for `Dr Watson Post mortem debugger` click here

Perhaps if you could identify what your PC spec is, the burning software and burner plus a bit more on the error report it would help people to start providing suggestions.

  jack 19:53 20 Jun 2007

Thank you JD for the Google links - these posters seem just as mystified.
As regards you request for information re the machine
and burn software- hardly relevant.
As I did not manage to make a copy let along commence a burn the burn program does not come into equation

The 'Puter Spec is 64 bit 3000+ Athlone- self build
now its third incarnation.

  johndrew 12:09 21 Jun 2007

The reason I wondered if more info would elicit better ideas was that a conflict may exist but as you say the evidence from the link doesn`t offer a lot of hope.

I have a number of home movies downloaded from VHS via a TV card which I have edited with Pinnacle and burned to DVD. Although I have had some problems (especially in the early days) I have never had a message like yours.

You say your PC is in its 3rd incarnation; could it be something getting old and starting to fail?

  jack 14:22 21 Jun 2007

Well hardly- The 64 bit board and hard drive and PSU etc are barely 18th month old, the oldest part is the case- nearly 5 years old but better built than some of to-day tin-Lizzy's
But as I said this is not even making copy let alone starting to perform on it.
What I think I will do is to ask the author to repeat the exercise but on a DVD format.
But the experiment is worth a fiddle when I get the urge

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