Dozens of junk emails

  mahalo 18:46 10 Jan 2006

I receive more and more of these emails (which I delete without reading) everyday. Has there been any developements how to stop them ?. I would like to change my email address, but this wont stop these nusiance emails will it ?

  [email protected] 18:54 10 Jan 2006

Which email manager are you using? Mozilla Thunderbird has quite a good anti-spam system which "learns". It's worth a try. You can set up your own filters if you are using Outlook or Outlook Express - than reduces a lot of the rubbish. The only other thing is to be careful to whom you give your address. You could open another account with say Hotmail or Yahoo or the like and keep that one strictly private and for personal use. They your other stuff would gradually die off but you would have to check it of course. Good luck.

  961 19:13 10 Jan 2006

Many ISP's have spam filters these days. If yours does not, consider changing. click here click here are just two

Try Mailwasher. There is a free version, but the paid for job works a treat for me. After a while spam ceases to be a problem

  VoG II 19:19 10 Jan 2006

Mailwasher click here 30b.

  Stuartli 19:23 10 Jan 2006

As [email protected] correctly states, Thunderbird has an excellent Junk filter which you can "train" to recognise such spam.

Wonderful to watch all Tiscali's unwanted spam contributions disappearing into the Junk folder...:-)

Not so wonderful is Tiscali's blatent approach to make money out of its own nuisance by charging subscribers for anti-spam services.

  pipedream 22:01 10 Jan 2006

Try this... click here. Not many people seem to have heard of it but I believe it's more effective than most spam killers (don't use one myself) (yet)

  mahalo 13:23 11 Jan 2006

Thank you for your answers, I use yahoo basic email service, all the spams go into the junk box and I empty it immediately. It's just annoying, do these programs stop them completely?.

  Stuartli 13:31 11 Jan 2006

No, only send them to the Delete or Junk folder when recognised.

You would have to have your ISP do it at source but, as I stated earlier, I object to paying an ISP (in my case Tiscali) for doing so when it distributes them in the first place.

  Skyver 13:33 11 Jan 2006

If you're using webmail (ie reading and writing emails within your browser) then none of the 3rd party anti-spam solutions will help, they rely on you receiving your emails via an email client such as Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird and filtering them as they are downloaded.
A `trick` way is to set up a Google Mail account, forward your Yahoo mail there and use their (very effective) spam filtering. You can set up the account so that all mail you send appears to come from the original Yahoo account.

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