Downsize photos?

  prodway 08:51 04 Feb 2007

A quick question about photos.

I have a new digital camera which has 6.0 mill megapixels,my old one only had 3.When transfering pictures to my pc i can display the pictures fine but if i wanted to use a 6.0 mega pix picture for my wallpaper on my pc desktop the picture dosent size right on the screen,its either too big to fit on the screen if i have the wallpaper settings on centred of the picture can just look out of all proportion if i have it on stretched.

any help would be great.



  Terry Brown 08:59 04 Feb 2007

If you have Microsoft word on your system, you can insert your picture, and either manually resize it or use the format bar to set the sizes or resolution.

  Technotiger 09:07 04 Feb 2007

Hi, if you convert your pics to .jpg they will fit ok, centered. Of course, if the pics are of a Panoramic nature you will have the usual blank bits top and bottom which, if stretched, would look out of proportion. I have not problem with pics up to 12Meg.

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