downloads never completing!?!

  daemon 14:32 13 Mar 2005

i am running windows xp professional sp2,
when downloading i am getting to 99% and then nothing, i have tried with the 'close this window when download complete' both checked and unchecked. i get this no matter where i download from even microsoft themselves for updates wont let me complete, please somebody help!!!!

  stalion 14:37 13 Mar 2005

try a download manager click here

  daemon 14:43 13 Mar 2005

thanks but i cant dowload it as it gets to 99% and stops, just tried without thinking and got the frustrating freeze at 99%

  stalion 14:46 13 Mar 2005

what file are you downloading to?

  daemon 14:48 13 Mar 2005

always different this time to a new folder i called 'download help' in program files on c:

  Diodorus Siculus 14:54 13 Mar 2005

7) Odd Download Problem Solved

Hello Fred, Well after having benefited from your newsletter, maybe I have something that might help some of your readers who occasionally have need to download large files. It relates
in part to what was written more than once in your
newsletters, but most recently in the
click here issue. There
you mention that one can eliminate "Cache Thrash" by reducing
the size of the browser's cache down to 10MB for high speed
connection users and 20 to 25MB for dial-up users. I took this
recommendation myself a couple of years ago and I did not
perceive any speed hits from the cache reduction.

However, a short while ago I started downloading some rather
large Java oriented files. After the download progress reached
99%, the downloads seemed to freeze. This is the stage where
it seems like large parcels are reassembled back together in
the user's PC. I then tried large files from other sites,
just to make sure there wasn't a problem with the
server. Later I discovered that if I walked away for a couple
hours, the download would be completed when I returned. This
indicated a tight spin instead of a program loop. I searched
for hours across several days, but didn't find anything that
resembled this particular problem. After looking at everything
I could on my machine, I thought it might be my smaller cache
size but I wasn't sure.

I posted my situation on Microsoft's Browser newsgroup, not
mentioning the size of the browser cache because I thought it
would be an obvious target for guessers to shoot at. After a
couple of days, I got a response from one of Microsoft's MVPs,
Sandi, who wrote that I should examine the size of the browser
cache. Now I had my suspicion confirmed by a second
knowledgeable source.

I went back to tried another download to make sure the
problem was still there. It was and I cancelled the download
at its 99% mark again. I increased my cache size to 40MB and
tried the download again. When it got to the 99% stage, it
quickly completed to 100% and terminated normally. The
remainder of my large downloads also completed swiftly.

So now when I expect to download a large file, I temporarily
bump up the cache size. Afterwards I reduce it again.

Thanks for your practical rendering and editing of the Langa
Newsletters. Sometimes when I get behind in my reading, I
delete accumulated issues of other newsletters, but not the
LangaList! --- Russ W.

Thanks, Russ. That cache problem workaround could be useful.
But I have my cache set at 10MB, and I regularly download large files
via http without trouble--- even Linux ISOs, which can be almost 700 MB.
So, there may be something else going on with your setup.

Still, if the problem resolves simply by increasing the cache size a
bit, it's worth noting as an easy, fast, free thing to try if or when a
download problem crops up.

  stalion 15:01 13 Mar 2005

also are you useing the windows firewall it can cause problems with downloads in the ie browser, or do you have an independant one

  stalion 15:09 13 Mar 2005
  daemon 15:11 13 Mar 2005

i was using both windows firewall and atguard but just turned off windows fwall and still the same turned off both and no difference

  daemon 18:44 13 Mar 2005

i have now tried everything suggested to no avail, any other takers?? grrrrrrr bloody computers @!%&£!!!!! p.s thanx to those who have already tried to help

  Diodorus Siculus 19:02 13 Mar 2005

Try increasing the cache to about 500mb.


internet options


set around 500mb and see what happens.

Also clear it out.

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