Downloads on Firefox about 4meg slower than IE7

  cdb 12:45 20 Jun 2008

Can anyone help me speed up my downloads on Firefox.

They seem to register about 4-5meg slower on average than if I try the same download using IE7.

I'm on a Virgin 20meg connection, but on Firefox I'm lucky to see 11-15meg whilst on IE7 it usually registers 15-19meg average.

I've tried lots of things to increase my download speeds but they haven't helped,even a new modem. Then I realised the problem looks like it's with Firefox2. I've tried a few Firefox tweeks as well which haven't helped either.

It's starting to look like I'll have to bin Firefox and start using IE7.

Thank you.

  birdface 12:57 20 Jun 2008

Try updating Firefox to the 3 edition.

  birdface 12:59 20 Jun 2008 here=

  cdb 13:03 20 Jun 2008

I've done the stuff in theose first few links. I don't think it's Firefox that needs speeding up. Firefox is somehow strangling my download speeds by about 4 or 5meg. It's that 4 or 5 meg I want back without having to have to switch back to IE7.

  cdb 13:04 20 Jun 2008

Forgot to ask. I looked at Firefox3 and it says RC1 or something. Is that a proper edition of a test version still as I've seen quite a lot of problems reported with it.

  shellship 13:05 20 Jun 2008

I can't help with your problem except to say I use FF 2 and find it much quicker than IE7

  birdface 13:16 20 Jun 2008
  anniesboy 13:17 20 Jun 2008

Heres site for Firefox3 (not RC),read info prior to installing.
click here

  [email protected] 18:28 20 Jun 2008

it depends what antivirus you're using, it sounds as though it's not treating firefox as a browser. i had similar with opera, my av was seeing it as a server, i know whith nod32 you have to tick browsers in set up, and cross online games. generally i find firefox quicker than ie.

  cdb 21:10 20 Jun 2008

I'm using Norton Internet security.

  [email protected] 21:13 20 Jun 2008

i cant remember where the settings are in norton, poss program control, you want advanced set up and check ff has the same rights as ie.

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