Downloads Directory - System?

  Border View 17:52 09 Mar 2003

Looking at the downloads directory - one particular game said System Windows 95 I have Windows 98SE - if I download this game will it run on my system. Sorry if this question sounds from a simpleton, but I'm cautious.

  leo49 18:29 09 Mar 2003

Which particular game,Barmoor, and we can check for you.


  Border View 18:35 09 Mar 2003

Manxtt - am in the process of trying to download but its taking me ages 15 minutes so far in a ZIP file and another 15 minutes to go.

Thanks for responding looking forward to hearing from you.

  leo49 19:06 09 Mar 2003

That'll be fine in 98. See the game creator's page[scroll down]:

click here

and it states OK for 95/98/2K.


Regards leo49

  Border View 19:21 09 Mar 2003

Many thanks for checking. Managed to download (I dont have BB so it took about 50 minutes to download) in a Zip file. I only discovered zip files this morning. Its installed on my system and plays great. (Best not drive for a while otherwise I shall go mad on the road).

Its great because you dont need to put a CD into the system, just click on the program and away you go.

Actually watched the TT from the grandstand back in about 1975. Game bears some resemblance to Douglas. Happy days - am away again to get dizzy trying to get around the track.

Thanks for your help Leo49.

  leo49 19:31 09 Mar 2003

I was there in 85,86,& 87 - misspent second adolescence.Wonder where my Honda CBX1000-6 is now?


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