downloads all stick before completion after reinstalling XP

  pomerian 10:32 03 Oct 2012

As my daughters computer was giving more and more problems we decided to do a clean reinstall of XP. It runs Xp 64bit professional. After it had finished ran Drivers disc then tried to install service pack 2 from net got to near end of download and stuck, Printer not working went to HP site for drivers down load ran to near the end and stuck. tried to install Adobe reader ran to near end stuck and reported programe conflict. It uses Windows firewall and AVG antivirus. Anyone any Ideas please.

  onthelimit1 10:48 03 Oct 2012

If no joy, I'd suggest downloading SP2 from MS site, then slipstream it to your XP disk. I've done this with sticky 32 bit reinstalls.

  onthelimit1 10:55 03 Oct 2012

P.S. - if you've not done this before, there's a tutorial (for XP with SP3) here. The principle is the same.

  pomerian 23:58 03 Oct 2012

I am unable do do this since I cannot download anything. If I run any download it gets almost to the end and stops

  rdave13 18:01 04 Oct 2012

  rdave13 18:05 04 Oct 2012

I'm a spammer apparently. Try running SFC, the link is to google to help how to run it. First result is good,,or.rgc.r_pw.&fp=a02140e1bd75ff63&biw=1544&bih=872

  lotvic 19:49 04 Oct 2012

Are you (trying to) download and save the files to a folder on your pc to install later?

Or are you trying to run the installation files from the internet website?

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